55 Journal Prompts to Help You Get Through Quarantine in One Piece

Quarantine sucks, let’s be honest. Is it helpful? Necessary? Yes, and yes. But it still sucks, I know.

There you are, trapped at home.. STILL. Can’t go out and see your friends IRL, hug your grandma, or just go wander around the mall for a change of scenery. (At least not if you’re being responsible and social distancing!)

If you have kids, they’re going bonkers with cabin fever, and are probably bouncing off the walls.. literally.

Your mind is absolutely full – of worry, stress, anxiety, fear, and… pardon my phrasing.. hopefully.. HOPE. You know that we’re going to get through this. Quarantine will end, eventually, and life will return to some new form of “normal.”

My true hope is that you know this, deep in your heart, and you’re able to see the bigger picture, past the absolute shitshow that is the world right now, and remember that there is a brighter future ahead of you, and ahead of us all.

But let’s be honest.. it’s hard to keep your head on straight when you just bottle up these emotions, day after day, week after week, and month after freaking month, while social distancing and keeping to yourself. #thanksfornothing2020 am I right? (but forreal, thanks for doing your part, friend! <3 )

So you need to spill your guts. Vent your frustrations. Voice your concerns. And give way to your hope and optimism so you can enjoy your days. But.. your friends aren’t there. Your family members probably aren’t there. (or maybe their literal constant presence is what you need to vent about..?).

What to do?


Write that shit down.

Seriously, go get your journal– I’ll wait!


Okay.. ready?

I’ve compiled a list of the greatest journal prompts to get you through quarantine. “Regular” journal prompts are also great for just opening your heart and mind and letting everything go. But sometimes you need a specific type of push to help yourself let go of it all and break free from the emotions that are bogging you down on the daily.

Each of these quarantine journal prompts serves a specific purpose. If you’ve got kids who would benefit from similar exercises, check out these Quarantine Journal Prompts for Kids*.

Some prompts will help you realize or understand the feelings you’re having about quarantine. Others to let you just vent and get it all out.

A few quarantine journal prompts are designed to help you look back on the things you miss, and others to appreciate where you are right now, and more still to be optimistic and look forward to what’s coming next!

Finally, another group of these journal prompts are to just straight up get your mind OFF this damn quarantine and think about something else for a little while!

So no matter what your goals are, there’s a quarantine journal prompt here for you!

Still unconvinced that writing in a journal during quarantine might be a good thing to do? Consider this:

You’re living through history right now.

Taking a little time out of your day or week to document how life is, what it looks like, how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, etc. can be super interesting for you, and especially your children or grand children (or great-grandchildren)!

It can give you a place and a way to tell your story, to feel and be heard, and to be remembered years from now.

So no matter what your reason, journaling during quarantine can be quite good for you!

Ready?.. here we go with:

The Best 55 Journal Prompts for Quarantine

Journal Prompts: Introspective Writing to Understand How You Feel During Quarantine (and why you feel that way!)

Sometimes (especially now) we can feel angry, sad, tired, irritable, or any host of other feelings, but we don’t always understand WHY we feel that way. At some times, we feel certain emotions, but those may be covering up even deeper emotions – and we’re basically seeing the resulting “coverup” – what your brain decides is okay to let out.

No matter the situation, it can be very helpful, informative, and even freeing to really get to the root of your feelings.

Here are some quarantine journal prompts to help you understand how you’re feeling during this weird-ass time of social distancing, isolation, and worry.

  • Today I felt ________ (grumpy, sleepy, apathetic, angry, happy, ?)___. Here’s why……
  • For the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling ____________ a lot. Here are some of the things that made me feel that way
  • This virus has changed my daily life by……
  • Since ‘rona, I’ve missed._________ daily or weekly, and I feel __________ about it.
  • Since ‘rona, I’ve missed._________ events, and I feel __________ about it.
  • If I take an honest look at my mental and emotional health, I’d say I’m doing __________ (great, okay, not so hot, quite badly)__. Here’s why……
  • If I honestly assess my mental and emotional health and it’s not stellar, here are some things I could do to help myself (therapy, Zoom with my friends, social distance picnic with friends, call family member or loved ones, do something I love…..?)

Quarantine Journal Prompts: I’m Living Through History, Damnit – Hear My Stories!

I mentioned this before, but you are literally living through history right now. Surely you’ve got stories, epic fails, major wins, crafts, projects, and other fun narratives to put down in your journal.

So bring it on:

  • An epic fail I’ve had during the pandemic was…
  • I CRUSHED my goal of _______ by _______…
  • My favorite quarantine project were…
  • Something completely crazy that happened to me during quarantine was…
  • I never want to forget ________ that happened during quarantine, let me tell you the tale!
  • While I was quarantining, _______ was going on in my city/ state/ country / the world around me. Can you believe it?
  • How did you celebrate any birthdays or holidays during the pandemic? How? Was it different than normal?
  • How did your family adjust to working (and/or learning) at home.. together.. CONSTANTLY?
  • If you or someone in your house is currently in school, did it go virtual? How did life change?
  • Is the virus bringing your [extended?] family closer together? Farther apart? How have you stayed in touch? What would you like to do differently going forward?

Journal Prompts for the Quarantine: How to Vent Your Frustrations, Worry, Fear, and Anxiety

Sometimes you need to just freaking yell at something. **Please, don’t make it your child, dog, spouse, or other animate object!! ** Be it the woods, the countryside of Iceland, your pillow, or… a journal – you NEED a place to let it all out.

While straight up yelling does feel good every now and again, it can also help to get out more coherent thoughts. Even if you opt for lists, associated words, or other informal writing (you’d better believe I just write whatever’s in my brain with complete disregard for grammar, punctuation, and capitalization!), it’s still helpful to use your words.

These bad boys are some journal prompts to help you vent about your feelings about self distancing, quarantine, illness, worry, doubt, guilt, fear, anger, or whatever other totally justified emotion you’re feeling right now!

  • What is making you angry or frustrated these days? Why?
  • What has the virus ‘messed up’ for you in some way?
  • I’m worried about ___________ because _____________.

(Pre-) Quarantine Journal Prompts: Remember the Good Old’ Days

While “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live,” (as my main man Dumbledore once said), sometimes it can be nice to look back at a time when life was ‘normal’ and remember all the things you love about life!

These quarantine journal prompts will help you remember the good times, back when we did risqué stuff like let your friends sing to your face before blowing out candles on a cake that everyone proceeded to eat. *gasp!*

These prompts will ask you about things you love(d) to do, how you like to spend your time, money, and energy. They’ll focus on all of the awesome that is YOU, and your pasttimes.

If life just seems like too much right now, and you feel like you’ve been trapped in quarantine *forever* (admittedly, it has been quite a long time), just remember life before this. Remember, it will get back to normal one day. Hold tight onto these memories for now!

  • My favorite experience I’ve ever had with friends was when we……..
  • My favorite experience I’ve ever had with my family was when we……..
  • One thing that I will ALWAYS buy if I see it is…… because…
  • If I won the lottery today (and there was no virus), I would _________.
  • The best party I ever went to / threw was _________. I remember what happened!…..
  • My favorite vacation I’ve ever taken was to _________ with _________. We/I did ___________. Remember the ________? …..
  • The greatest day of my life so far was __________ when…………..
  • One time I really made someone else’s day was when I ________________.
  • One time I really made someone else’s life better was when I ________________.
  • I’ve made the world a better place! One time I did this was by _________
  • My very favorite thing to do is _________________. I’d do it every day if I could, because __________.
  • If I had to make a playlist to listen to every single day, it would include these songs:__________________________________

Quarantine Journal Prompts: Appreciating What You’ve Got Right Now & Finding The Good In Today

While some (okay.. MANY) aspects of quarantine really bite the big one, there are really some parts that aren’t so bad!

These social distancing journal prompts will help you to look around, discover the good parts of your days, and appreciate what you’ve got right here.

After all, it’s not everybody who gets an opportunity to stop, be still, and really get in touch with themselves and their families like you can! You have a truly unique opportunity here, and it’s up to YOU to make the best of it.

Let’s work on it together:

  • Because of all of this time at home, I’ve been able to spend more time with my ___________________. We’ve made lots of special memories together, like ___________________.
  • Because of all of this time at home, I’ve been able to spend more time with working on ________________________________. I love doing this because………….
  • Because of all of this time at home, I’ve been able to slow down and see the beauty around me. Some of the things I appreciate more now are _______________________
  • Wearing a mask is a little annoying, but by doing so, I’ve helped keep these people around me safe: _____________. I am so glad they’re with me because……………….
  • Staying home has helped me remember to cook my own food more often! My favorite thing I’ve cooked was _______________. It was so ____________
  • Staying home has helped me remember to cook my own food more often! I’ve learned how to cook………………..
  • Staying home has inspired me to clean and organize my surroundings more often. I enjoy the space I live, work, eat, sleep, and play in because ………………..
  • Being at home has helped me realize that work isn’t everything. I’m a human being with emotional, social, physical needs (sleep, fresh air, etc). I’ve been able to help myself meet those needs by……
  • Being at home has helped me realize that work isn’t everything. I’m a human being with emotional, social, physical needs (sleep, fresh air, etc). I’ve been able to be less stressed about work and instead, focus on ……………

(Post-) Quarantine Journal Prompts: Looking Forward to a Better Time

Sometimes it feels like we’ll be social distancing at home forever – I know. I feel it sometimes, too.

But the truth of the matter is that we’ll get through this. Things will go back to [mostly] normal one day [hopefully] soon, and we’ll get to do all the things we loved.

These particular quarantine journal prompts will help you look forward to those activities you’ve been missing the most. You’ll get to plan an adventure, consider your options, and dream up amazing things to do with your time, energy, and money as soon as you are able!

Let’s start dreaming:

  • When it’s safe, I’m going to travel to…… and do ……
  • Next time I can (safely) throw a party, I’m going to invite _____, decorate with a ____ theme, serve ____, and do ________
  • On my next [safe-to-travel and gather] birthday, I’m going out with all my friends to __________ for dinner. We’re going to talk about…………
  • When it’s safe to visit, I’m going to visit my ……………….. in ____________. I haven’t seen them in ___________ and I’m so excited to see them, hug them, and be with them because……………..
  • If I win the lottery (post Covid), I’ll ………………….
  • Once this is all over, I’m going to remember how it was to relax more often, and use ALL of my vacation days to ………..

Non-Quarantine Journal Prompts: Let’s Think About Literally Anything But This Damn Virus

Okay.. mega truth time here.

You and I both are sick. to. death. of reading about the freaking virus. politics. elections. travel bans. sickness. numbers of cases, deaths, schools, protests, bombings, and all of the other truly horrible things going on in the world.

Are those things important? Yes!

Are they worthy of our consideration, time, energy, and more? Yes!

But are they THE ONLY thing? Do they need or deserve 100% of our attention, time, energy, and emotional energy? HELL NO.

This last batch of NON-quarantine journal prompts will help us take our minds off of the horribleness, and redirect it into something else – preferably something positive.

Some of these are going to be short story prompts, dream journal types of activities, and more. But ALL of them are going to help you think about something different for a change.

And boy, could we all use a change of pace right now! Let’s do it:

  • If I could have any job in the world (regardless of pay, status, location, qualifications, etc), I would love to be a _______________. My day-to-day life would look like:…..
  • If space travel were possible for me, I’d want to go to……….. Here’s what would happen on my adventure!
  • If time travel were possible for me, I’d want to go to………. to see / do …………., because ……………. Here’s what would happen…
  • I woke up today and there was a hippogriff (a la Harry Potter)in my front yard, waiting for me to come outside. What happened next was….
  • If I could play any instrument with any musician ever, I’d perform _______ (song) on ________ (instrument) with _________ (musician) at ________ (place / event). Here’s how I imagine our conversation would go….
  • Let’s imagine I’m running for president of Mars, what would my campaign slogan be? My platform? Who would I need to campaign to? ( Martians?!)
  • You just turned 11, an owl dropped off a Hogwarts letter for you. Surprise! You’re a wizard / witch! What are you most excited to see / get / do as you dive into the magical world?
  • If I lived in an RV and explored the world, I would want to drive around the continent of _________, and check out the _______ because………… Here’s what my adventure looks like!

Journaling Supplies for Quarantine: What to Use While Social Distancing

Maybe these prompts sound awesome to you, but you don’t yet have the siiiiick journaling tools you’re looking for to really do the thing up right.

As usual, I’ve got your back, don’t worry!

The Best Journals Out There

Depending on if you want a cute journal, a sturdy journal, a plain journal, profane journal, or one with super thick paper so you can bare down REALLY HARD while writing, there’s a perfect journal out there for you!

Here are some of my favorites:

Journaling Pens For Everyone!

If you really want your journal to make a statement, there’s nothing like color-coding, doodling, or otherwise decorating that bad boy. Plus, it’s super cute, right?

Here are some awesome journaling pens for your clicking pleasure:

Journal Accessories

Oh, you thought journals were just a pen-to-paper ordeal? They can be, OR they can be snazzy-AF and decorated with stencils, stickers, tape, sticky notes, labels, bookmarks, and more! Plus, of course, there are organizers for all of those fun things!

If you really want to spice up your journal (and why not? quarantine = more time on your hands to make each thing you touch exactly as awesome as you want!), check out these bad boys:

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