20 Products To Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

Sleep is VITAL to life.

Good sleep is vital to a good life!

We know that we need at least 7 hours of sleep every night (8 is even better!).. but so few of us actually get it.

We’re all running around, being busy, being stressed, and neglecting a HUGE piece of our health.. getting very little sleep, and often not very restful sleep!

So, if there are easy ways to fix that, to help us freaking relax already, get to sleep, stay asleep, and truly recharge for the next day… shouldn’t we take those steps??

I think so.

To help you out, I’ve compiled 20 fantastic products that will help you get a great night’s sleep – night after night after night.

Because let’s face it..

Sleep is great. We love it. We need it.

Let’s get it!

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Products To Help You Sleep: 20 of the Top Sleep Products

20 products to help you get restful sleep!
Light modern room interior with comfortable bed


If you’re like me, sleeping in a dry, stuffy room is not only uncomfortable, it can cause big problems like headaches and migraines!

I literally wake up with a migraine (one of the worst ways to wake up) if I sleep in an extremely stuffy, dry room.

This is particularly common during winter when the heater is on.. so I almost always fill up and switch on my humidifier in winter to get better sleep, and wake up okay – not miserable.

My favorite find on Amazon last year was this incredible “travel size” humidifier. I took it with me during the winter holidays’ travel season to different family members homes.

It. Was. A. Lifesaver.

Salt Lamp

These Himalayan salt lamps are SUPER cool. In addition to the pretty, hip aesthetic they bring to the table, their main job is to provide dim light to ease you into sleep.

Rather than going from full-on bright lights of your day and blue lights of your phone and computer directly to pitch black darkness, this salt lamp allows you to ease out of the bright day into a calm, peaceful night.

Salt lamps help put you in a relaxed state, helping you reduce stress and mental clutter, allowing you to sleep peacefully and deeply. If this isn’t already part of your nightly routine – it should be!


It’s a well known fact (at least in my home, and in all my friends) that having a fan on helps many of us sleep better!

That cool, gentle breeze perfectly balances the warm snuggly-ness of our blankets and comforters – keeping the room from getting stuffy!

*If you suffer from asthma or other medical issues that may be worsened by using a fan, obviously don’t do that to yourself. This is a broad generalization 🙂

So if you’re not one of the lucky few with a ceiling fan, or if yours makes an unbearably obnoxious sound that prevents you from sleeping, check out these great fans!

They’re totally silent, and circulate air without causing a massive breeze or annoying, repetitive fan ticks! SCORE!

White Noise Machine

If you have trouble sleeping, or staying asleep.. or just have trouble tuning out all of the “noise” around you (fan clicks, air conditioner, howling wolves, whatever).. a white noise machine may be just the thing you need to get better sleep!

White noise machines provide a quiet, constant sound to drown out your environmental sounds, help you fall asleep, and stay asleep.

And if you happen to wake up, the white noise machine will help you get back to sleep much faster than you might without it – and for people who wake up during the night- that’s huge!

Nose Strips

For those of us who suffer from congestion, or are big-time snorers, using a nasal strip offers a drug-free way to solve your problems!!

Nose strips help open up sinuses and allow you to breathe better.. which also allows you to sleep better!

No more waking up in the middle of the night, choking on snot that rolled down your thoat.

No more waking up to the angry kick of your partner who wants you to shut the hell up and stop snoring so they can sleep.

Just peaceful, relaxing sleep.

Cooling Sheets

If you are a “hot sleeper” (not as in “Daaauyyummm you’re a hot sleeper!” – but as in, your body temperature rises and you sweat when you sleep) – cooling bed sheets are a must-have item!

They are made of breathable, absorbent fabric that will let hot air out, let cool air in, and wick away your stinky night sweats.

Everyone knows that it’s nearly impossible to fall asleep at all, much less get good, deep, restful sleep – if we are very uncomfortable or overheated.

So prevent all of that nonsense with these comfortable, sleep-aiding cooling bed sheets!

Smart Technology

The Echo Dot Heather Gray Smart Bulb Kit, among others will allow you to .. wait for it


From your warm bed.

How. cool.

So if you don’t love that salt lamp easing you into sleep.. you can snuggle down beneath the sheets, definitely sure there are no monsters under the bed, and then tell it to turn off your lights.

I seriously don’t think I’ll ever get over the insane development of technology over the last several years. I just feel like a Jetson.. every single day!

Audible Subscription

One of my guilty pleasures is falling asleep to a good Audio book.. but not just any good audio book… Harry Potter.

I don’ t mean that one version you’ve heard of that no one buys. I mean the one narrated by the man himself, Jim Dale

Why do I choose this book (series)? One that I’ve already read, re-read, watched the movies of, AND listened to a zillion times?

Because I know it. I know it so well.

I’m not trying to focus on every single word as I fall asleep – I enjoy the plot, and drift off to sleep with visions of house elves dancing in my head!

I reserve the new stories I have not yet heard for my commute to work, workout, or while I’m doing a mindless activity around the house like decluttering.

But whether I’m listening to Harry vanquish the Dark Lord once again, or hearing a brand new story or self-development book for the first time, one of my absolute FAVORITE monthly subscriptions is for Audible – Amazon’s audio books. I highly recommend it!

And don’t forget to find a book you love with a soothing narrator’s voice to turn on while you sleep – it will absolutely help you forget the troubles of the day and catch some Zzzz’s!

Fuzzy Socks

I cannot sleep with cold feet.

Not “I’m nervous to get married tomorrow” cold feet – I mean literal, actual cold feet.

Cover those puppies up in warm, fuzzy, snuggly style!

Eye Mask (Or Light-Blocking Curtains)

Humans are not nocturnal animals. We NEED to sleep at night, we need to sleep in the dark.

If you’re particularly sensitive to light, or live in an environment where there are lights (natural or otherwise) streaming into your room while you sleep, you’ve got to take steps to block that junk out!

Eye masks come in many shapes, sizes, and textures, and will help you tremendously!

I prefer to use an eyemask to sleep in a room with excess light, as you can control it so easily! If there are lights outside your window or in the hallway, etc – you can just slip it on. However, if you wake up in the night and need to get up, you can just as easily slip it off. No fumbling about for a light switch!

Or, if you don’t like having an extra thing on your face, or if you can’t keep it properly positioned over your eyes all night and prefer to just have a completely dark room, opt for some light-blocking curtains.

These puppies won’t let anything in, providing the truly dark environment you need for restful sleep!

Ear Plugs

Some people, like my brother, can sleep anywhere, anytime. There can be a jackhammer going to town on the concrete sidewalk he is laying on, and I bet that guy would pass the heck out.

I, however, need it to be quiet when I sleep. (If I’m not listening to an audio book where I can focus my aural attention).

If there’s a crying baby on an airplane (or in my home), a barking dog next door, a train hurtling by, or basically any other noise – it’s a no go for me.

So I love to use ear plugs. Sometimes at home, ALWAYS when traveling.

There are some very cheap ones like this that form to your ear.

And others are more hardcore and block out much more sound.

Just decide how silent you want it to be, and how light of a sleeper you are.

Then plug ’em up!

Kindle Paperwhite

Reading before bed is an essential party of any nightly routine! It allows you to transform into someone different, be transported to a new land, and lose yourself in any magical world you wish!

My favorite way to read at night is with a Kindle Paperwhite.


Because it:

  • Won’t lose your place if and when you fall asleep reading
  • Can’t get bent up from falling asleep on it 🙂
  • Holds hundreds of books in one tiny, compact package
  • Doesn’t put out harmful blue lights that keep you awake and damage your eyes, BUT
  • Can be read at night (in the dark) thanks to the minimal backlighting

Seriously. I don’t just rave about things I don’t love and use a lot. I love my Kindle, and I use it every night before I go to sleep!

Heated Blanket or Electric Blanket

If you’re a cold-natured person, have poor circulation, or just really love being warm and cozy in bed, an electric blanket is the perfect gift for you! (from anyone.. even yourself!)

You can use it to pre-heat your bed before getting in, then turn it off.

Sleep with it all night (most have temperature control or an automatic shut-off for safety.

Or just cuddle up with it while reading your Kindle before bed, then turn it off and go to sleep.

However you use it, enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling of a heated blanket for better sleep!

Weighted Blanket

Similarly, weighted blankets provide warm, gentle pressure to replicate “Deep Touch Pressure.” This pressure feels a bit like being held down (think swaddling babies, tucking in kids, etc), and increases serotonin.

Weighted blankets, along with the serotonin they help produce, provide a calming effect and allow you to get deep, restful sleep.

New Mattress

Sometimes we don’t sleep well due to stress, lights, sound, health issues and more (see above! Many of those problems have been solved for you already)

But other times, we don’t sleep well because of what we’re trying to sleep ON.

Mattresses can cause huge problems if they aren’t quite right.

From back problems to circulation and straight-up fatigue (because of crappy sleep) – you don’t want the results of a crappy mattress.

Sometimes you need to get a new one!

Whether it’s an adjustable mattress that allows each half, or the entire mattress to be customized for the sleeper (angle, hardness / softness, etc), or just one that fits your body, physical needs, and wants perfectly… this is one of the most IMPORTANT purchases you’ll make!

And don’t forget, you’re supposed to get a new mattress every few years any way (usually 7-10, but that depends on many factors). So assess your situation, and consider getting a new mattress if that will help you sleep better!

Fresh Pillow

Pillows are the same.. except they need to be replaced much more often than mattresses.

After months and years of sleep, pillows get worn down, squished, and FILLED with dead skin cells and germs.

Maybe your pillow is no longer giving you the neck support you need.

Perhaps your pillow is filled with dust and germs, causing undue congestion at night. (yuccckkkkk)

Whatever the reason, your pillow may be the reason for your lack of sound sleep each night. Evaluate whether you (and your partner) need new pillows, and act accordingly!

Remember to get one that actually supports your neck and head appropriately, not just one that “is sooo soft!” like Marriott hotel pillows. They’re very comfy, but I always wake up with a crick in my neck.. don’t you?

Sleep Spray

Many people opt for using sleep spray– a light mist on their pillows before bed containing calming blends of scents and oils, such as Lavender, Camomile, and others.

If you’re into great smells and falling asleep quite quickly (and are not prone to aroma-induced asthma attacks or migraines) – this could be just the thing you need to get a great night’s sleep!

Sleep Supplement

There are many different natural sleep supplements that can help you fall asleep quicker, stay asleep, and sleep peacefully!

Some of these are: melatonin, lavender, and magnesium. There are several others to consider as well.

Additionally, there are a few products out such as OLLY Restful Sleep that contain Melatonin, Theanine and Botanicals to help you get to sleep, and seep restfully!

Always, always consult with your doctor before taking any (appropriate sized!) doses of any sleep supplements. Always.


Again, if migraines, asthma, and other medical problems don’t plague you, and you’re into delicious, sleepy smells, there are loads of aromatherapy options that can help get you in the zone.. the sleepy zone!

The most popular are essential oils, which can be applied to your skin, put in a dispenser, and more.

Some of the best essential oils for sleeping are:

  • Lavender Oil
  • Valerian Oil
  • Sage
  • Chamomile
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon
  • Yuzu
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Jasmie

And more!!

Meditation Guide

Many of us simply cannot get to sleep, or will not sleep restfully if our brains are still “turned on.” We need a way to get out of our own heads, stop worrying about a to-do list for tomorrow, stuff we forgot today.. or anything at all.

One of the BEST ways to do this – to clear your mind, get in touch with your body, and just straight-up relax is to meditate!

However, if you’re like me, you may not be great at meditation. Maybe you’ve never done it before, or never truly experienced the benefits that everyone claims they get.

So, you can start out (or stick with forever) a guided meditation like this one.

Some come in text format (books, print, etc), and some are audio or video files.

Whatever you use, relax your body and mind to prepare for restful sleep!

Wake Up Light

Part of going to sleep peacefully, happily, and ready to rest for the next day is knowing how your next experience will be..

Are you really going to get amazing sleep tonight if you know you’ll be woken at 4 am by a screaming baby?

Will you sleep peacefully if you know a blaring alarm and bright lights will be the next thing you experience?

Probably not.

Set yourself up for success, and get a wake up light. It mimics a sunrise in your room, and eases you into “daylight” by slowly getting brighter as you wake up.

Without actually sleeping outdoors, it is the most natural solution to peacefully waking up – the way nature intended.

There are loads of different options – pick the one that fits your style and get to bed!!

Now You’re All Set for a Great Night’s Sleep!!

What will you use?? What’s your nightly routine like?

Let us know in the comments below!

And, if you need some help, check out this post about How to Create a Nightly Routine! so you can get great sleep day after day after day- and always wake up refreshed, and ready to have a fabulous, productive day!

and remember, make good life choices!


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