How to Organize Your Home with Small Closets

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Do you have tiny closets? Are there too few closets in your home? Or worse, are you one of those poor unfortunate souls with NO closet space!? Do you worry about how to organize your home?

That’s okay. I’m here for you. I understand your plight.

I, too, have extremely limited closet space in my house.

While this fact ticks me off endlessly, I’ve made it work! We learned how to organize our house and organize our lives with creative, alternate storage methods. Keep reading to find out how!

organize your home

As a couple, we run multiple businesses from home, and one of those contains a HUGE amount of stuff. There are materials EVERYWHERE for this business. There’s just no getting around it. In order to save money and get the best price point on the materials we need, buying in bulk is often necessary. But what do you do with all of that stuff??

Plus, we’re normal people with furniture, books, clothes, games, an adorable cat (and his food, toys, and junk), hobby supplies, office supplies and more!

Meanwhile, our house has 4 teeny, tiny closets, no basement, and no attic. YIKES.

So we have become extremely creative in storing all of our stuff in an organized way that is also relatively attractive. No one wants to live in a space that looks like a warehouse or storage unit, after all!

So I hope these tips provide an answer for you and your particular situation! I think they will. (We’ve tried it all!)

How to Organize Your Home with Small Closets


Shelving is an essential element in home organization. Contrary to popular belief, shelves aren’t just for books! They can hold:

  • Books
  • Photos
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • School Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Craft supplies
  • Sports Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • and more!

If you can find an attractive shelf for inside the living areas of your home, that’s awesome! I like this VERY affordable one from IKEA for books and photos!

For a workroom (that doesn’t necessarily have to look beautiful) or garage, I like these two. They’re strong, sturdy, and fairly easy to put together.

This is from Amazon, and is a bit harder to assemble, but it holds a LOT of weight, and is customizable.

organize your home

This is from Home Depot. It’s much easier to assemble, but holds a bit less and can only provide one height option.

If you’re wondering how to organize your home and don’t have shelves yet, this is a cheap, simple way to get started!

(And before you say – wow look at all of those boxes! Who are you to tell me how to get organized, Allison!? Remember that business I talked about earlier?? It has a lot of unique requirements – and having these boxes around is one of them. Judge not! 🙂 )


Storage cubes are GENIUS. I love them. If I ever build a house, I may just have them build an entire wall of storage cubes for me!

They are great to compartmentalize (further organize) your things and organize your home! Storage cubes allow you sort by item type, category, shape, color, or whatever sorting system you wish.

You can use them as shelves and display your things.

Or you can use those handy dandy cubes that slide in and out like drawers to hide your stuff, or to hold small things that can’t just stack or sit on the shelf.

Using the boxes, or a combination of open shelves and boxes allows you to not only use storage cubes for actual storage and home organization, but also as a decorative feature in your home!

I like to use just one color in every other cube – like a chess board – to add an accent color in my living room. You can have as many or few colors as you wish- that’s the beauty of my favorite customizable organization hack!

Foldable boxes!

Boxes with labels!

Plus, if you need to move your things around (toys, supplies, snacks, whatever), you can simply carry it with you in the removable box part of the storage cubes, then collapse it down when you’re finished.

You can fit your storage cubes nearly anywhere you want! They come in a variety of dimensions and shapes. Ours are behind the couch!

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Have you ever looked around a big store like Walmart, Target, or Michaels, and wondered how on Earth they fit everything in there??


The answer is pegboard.

They hang up EVERYTHING, in nice neat little rows. That’s it. It’s so easy.

organize your home

We discovered the beauty of pegboard last year and never turned back!

Pegboard is super strong and can hold a LOT. It can also hold a variety of things.

  • Round stuff that turns (spools, reels, etc)
  • Boxes – for small items
  • Tools
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Screws and nails and other magnetic items (if you get a metal pegboard)
  • Anything that has a hole or handle to hang on

This stuff is incredible, folks. All you have to do is buy a sheet of it, hang it up on your wall (with the proper drywall anchors!), get organizers, hooks, containers, or baskets for what you want to hang, and then you’re all set.

Your materials are up off of the desk. You’re not fiddling with stacked up boxes, constantly trying to find the right thing. Your stuff is simply displayed in front of your face, yet out of your way.

organize your home

How do your organize your home?? Pegboard is the answer!

Hang Up Everything!

On a similar note, my new favorite way to solve storage problems is to hang things up. I try to hang up as much as possible these days!

Why? Because if you don’t hang your things UP, they’ll have to go DOWN somewhere else.

Don’t hang up clothes? Now they’re going to take up space in drawers (or worse, a chair or the floor!). Don’t hang up photos? They’ll be in stacks and stacks of photo albums forever! Don’t hang up your guitar or ukulele? Same thing. It has to find a home, and you can’t stack anything on it!!

Hang up as much as you can, to free your floor, desk, drawer, and shelf space for those things you cannot hang up. This may be the MOST IMPORTANT thing to organize your home if you have limited closet space.

In Closet Shelves

My closet only has one wire shelf up high with the coat rack below it.

While I do try to hang up as many things as I can, I simply cannot hang up stuff like suitcases, boxes, and office supplies. I NEED storage, and I do not wish to stack boxes in my office or bedroom. I also do not want to have a big heaping pile of shoes in the corner.

What should I do to organize my home??

Get shelves, but put them in the closet. This way you can stack up your less-than-attractive cardboard boxes, your shoe boxes, suitcases, foldable boxes, camera equipment, toys, or whatever else you have that needs to get put away.

organize your home

In closet shelves will keep you from throwing things endlessly into your closet and forming a big heap of stuff. When you’ve got that darn big heap of stuff, you never can actually find anything you need, and are often too frustrated to even bother looking for them.

Then eventually, spring cleaning comes along, and you throw out everything in frustration! Only to come heaping junk in the closet again for another year.

Save yourself the headache and put a small shelving unit in your closet. You can find one that is short enough to go under your hang-up clothes, but large enough to hold substantial items or organizers for you.

Under Bed Storage

This one is huge! If you are like me and have extremely limited closet space, you know that every “hidden” space in your home that can store stuff is sacred!

I am NOT saying to shove random junk under the bed as a cleaning method.

My advice is to store things like your firesafe, photos, childhood momentos and other keepsakes under your bed. These are things that you love and need, but don’t necessarily have to or want to get out all the time.

There are plenty of under-bed storage options you can use!

If there is a good bit of space under your bed, or if you create space under your bed, you can just use normal paper boxes or storage bins.

They also make flat containers specifically meant to get in the small space below your bed. Some even roll!

You can also put in-home exercise equipment under there, such as small dumbbells, stretch bands, foam rollers, and more.

Under bed storage is vital in working to organize your home!

Plastic drawers

As a former teacher, I am a huge lover of these sets of plastic drawers.

organize your home

They hold a lot, offer different sizes for different items, and are mobile!

I usually opt for sorting into:

  • Pens & Pencils
  • Markers & Crayons
  • Sticky Notes & Notecards
  • Glue, Hot Glue & Scissors
  • Notebooks & Paper

But the possibilities are endless!

Remember, you can use these organizational tools for nearly ANY type of supply, not just school supplies.

In college, I had one that served as my socks and underwear drawers.

Other people (students, usually) use them as cheap nightstands. Some use the drawers as a “pantry” for snacks or kitchen supplies.

I love that they fit well under desks or dressers, or inside closets. Get creative and make it into anything you want!

Storage Bins

Let me tell you a little story about a girl who put her things in storage for a month in cardboard boxes.

She had short arms, so she cut “handles” into the boxes to make it easier on herself to carry the boxes.

She moved them all (easily, thanks to those handle holes), and left her stuff in a storage unit for 1 month exactly.

When she arrived to retrieve her items, HER STUFF WAS COVERED IN MOLD AND RAT POOP. The great mold-pocalypse of 2015 was a tragic event in which she lost about 1/3 of her possessions, and all of her kitchen items.

Don’t be this girl.

Use storage bins whenever possible.

If you have to put your things in storage, in the attic, in the basement, in the garage, or in your car for an extended period of time, (more than a couple of days), USE STORAGE BINS WITH LIDS.

organize your home

In addition to their ability to seal out unwanted visitors, they are typically very sturdy, easy to stack, and easy to move if you don’t make them too heavy.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can make it your own and make sure you’re getting one that gets the job done.

I cannot recommend storage bins enough. Please, please use them.

(P.S. That girl was me. It was traumatic! Save yourself!)


One of those hard truths you need to learn when living in a house with small closets and limited storage space is that you probably have TOO MUCH STUFF.

I know I did.

And the biggest key to fixing your “where do I store all of my stuff??” problem is to simply have less stuff.

I’m not saying you have to go for full out minimalism here. I’m just suggesting that you go through your possessions and determine those which you REALLY, actually need, want, or love, and those which are just taking up space and collecting dust.

You can read Marie Kondo’s books like Spark Joy, or The More of Less by Josh Becker (That’s the one I read) – or you can just take my word for it.

Having fewer things means you probably only have the things you actually really like, want, and need. That means you’re spending your days surrounded by wanted possessions that bring you joy and great memories, NOT stressing out about the clutter.

After all, we know that having an organized home leads to having an organized mind.

The first step to having an organized home? Get. Rid. Of. The. Clutter. Only keep what you need.

THEN we’ll worry about where to put it and how to organize your life.

How will you organize your home?

I hope some of these options have helped you learn how to organize your home, even if you have very little storage space. These choices have helped me tremendously- I know they’ll help you too.


Which solutions are your favorite? How will you choose to solve your lack of closet space issue?

Leave a note or picture in the comments below!! I can’t wait to see how organized your home can become!

remember: Make Good Life Choices!

~ Allison

Save it for Later!

organize your home
organize your home
organize your home
organize your home

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