10 Books About Minimalist To Change Your Life

In recent years, minimalism has come back around as an increasingly popular lifestyle choice, and it’s not surprising at all! Minimalism gives you freedom from STUFF to enjoy your space, your time, your relationships, and just generally benefit from an uncluttered life! To help you learn about this lifestyle, I’ve compiled a list of books about minimalism!

Each are great in their own ways, and help us understand minimalism, learn tips for practicing a minimalist life, as well as help us fully understand the benefits of being a minimalist.

EVEN if you’re not planning on going full minimalist – or even mostly minimalist, I think there are some books in here for you!

10 Books About Minimalist To Change Your Life

I’m not a minimalist either, but I choose to adopt certain principles of minimalism, and create my own form of uncluttered happiness!

I encourage you do to the same.

Let’s get started!

10 Books About Minimalism To Change Your Life

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Something to note: If you’re heading toward a minimalist lifestyle.. you may want to consider purchasing these books about minimalism in a digital format so you can keep all your books in one convenient place, like a trusty Kindle without adding more objects to your home. Another option is listening to them with Audible or a similar app.

Make Room for What You Love: Your Essential Guide to Organizing and Simplifying

By Melissa Michaels

In Make Room For What You Love, Melissa Michaels focuses not just on decluttering your house and ridding yourself of useless items. She focuses on the aspects of your daily life that you love and cherish, and that contribute to your happiness!

She argues that the mess and clutter that can pile up in your life, due to daily stressors, activities, and more, are the real things holding us back from happiness, order, and joy.

To help encourage a life of intentional actions, useful items, and happy living, she outlines ways to clear your clutter, get rid of things you no longer love or need, and find joy in your daily routine.

Looking for books about organization?? I’ve got those for you RIGHT HERE!

The More Of Less

By Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker isn’t even messing around with clutter in the title of his book! He’s really an expert in the field of minimalism, and you’ll see him again on this list.

In The More of Less, Joshua Becker shares his own story of having far too much stuff, realizing the stuff was holding him back from happiness and order in his life, and what specific changes he made to rectify his situation.

He explains the joys of generosity – the benefits of not only getting rid of your stuff, but giving it to others in need. He shares why stuff is holding us all back from our dreams, and outlines his current lifestyle that allows him to avoid the clutter!

For someone considering minimalism, or even.. a little minimalism, this is a great ‘starter’ book!

Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism

By Fumio Sasaki

For a different approach, I like Sasaki’s angle on minimalism in Goodbye Things. Starting out just like you and me, he was a stressed out guy who spent his life comparing himself to others and worrying about material possessions.

This book outlines his journey to and through minimalism – giving up all unnecessary items, being grateful for what he had, and changing his mindset and indeed entire outlook on life!

Sasaki shares his tips for minimalism, as well as tips for making the most of your life and finding joy around every corner!

The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simply Live Your Life

By Melissa Michaels

Melissa Michaels is another repeat author on our list of books about minimalism- because she’s a pro!!

This book, The Joy of Less, a Minimalist Living Guide shares what she calls a “pep talk” about minimalist living, what it does for you, and how you will benefit from such a lifestyle.

Later, she shares tips for achieving a minimalist lifestyle, followed by specific steps you can take – room-by-room – to declutter your house, and live your best life!

Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World

By Cal Newport

Cal Newport is one of the few minimalism experts out there who actually tackles what is arguably society’s biggest problem: digital overload!

In his book, Digital Minimalism, Newport helps us learn the differences between digital addicts and minimalists, the dangers and joys of technology, and how we can save ourselves from the overwhelm!

Newport encourages a movement toward digital minimalism, and gives steps we can take toward a happy, healthy life, and a healthier relationship with technology. He implores that we take control of our technological lives, and get our actual lives back – nurture and cherish relationships, and real-life experiences.

If you’re like me – the whole idea of digital minimalism may initially freak out out a little bit – but that probably means we have a bit of an issue. This book is just what we all need to get a grip on reality, and our lives!

Simplify: 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life

By Joshua Becker

Like I told you, Joshua Becker is one of the kings of minimalism (is that an oxymoron??), and readily shares the journey he and his family took to achieve (and maintain) their minimalistic lifestyle.

In Simplify, he guides us through seven principles of decluttering our homes, and simplifying our lives. This is a short and to-the-point guide for beginning a life of minimalism, or simply adopting a habit or two for yourself.

Lighter Living: Declutter, Organize, Simplify

By Lisa J. Shultz

Lisa J. Shultz offers suggestions for a minimalist lifestyle that embody those ideals you already know – declutter, get organized, have fewer things, etc – but she also takes it a step further!

In Lighter Living, Shultz shares not only the physical aspects of living lighter, but the mental. When we are able to have fewer things – possessions, commitments, to-do lists, appointments, tasks, etc. – we are able to live more peacefully!

She shares her system of living with less – in all areas of life – and how you can do it too!

The Minimalist Mindset

By Danny Dover

Danny Dover makes no claims about helping you tidy up or decide to adopt minimalism – he knows you’re ready, and he wants to lead you down the path to minimalism (with force!).

His book, The Minimalist Mindset offers incredibly specific instructions for how to save time and money, say no to things that do not benefit you or make you happy (politely), control your email inbox, and much more!

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense guide to minimalism, or a fast track to minimalistic success – you’re in the right place!

Minimalism Room by Room: A Customized Plan to Declutter Your Home and Simplify Your Life

By Elizabeth Enright Phillips

If you’re looking for a practical guide to decluttering and specific steps to take to achieve a minimalist lifestyle, this is the book for you!

In Minimalism Room by Room, Elizabeth Enright Phillips helps us tackle specific projects in various rooms of the house – the kind of project that is just tricky, awkward, difficult, or annoying enough to discourage us and send us reeling back to our cluttered former lives.

She also talks about how to live with less – less stuff – and more happiness – and how to stay focused throughout the trials and tribulations of change. Her handy checklists and habit tracking sheets are also of great use!

Let It Go: Downsizing Your Way to a Richer, Happier Life

By Peter Walsh

Let It Go isn’t just a song every 5 year old on the planet loves to sing, it’s also the title of one of the best books on minimalism and downsizing out there!

Inside, Peter Walsh discusses the various challenges people face when attempting to declutter, downsize, or organize.

Drawing on his personal experiences with cleaning out his late parents’ home and his childhood things, he understands the sentimental and emotional attachments people get with possessions, and how difficult it can be to get rid of them.

Walsh helps break down what types of things we should indeed hold on to, and what types of things we need not carry with us for eternity. Whether two people or families are moving in together and blending their homes and possessions, children are cleaning out their childhood homes, or someone wants to downsize their lives and adopt a more minimalistic lifestyle – Peter’s got advice for us all.

and of course….

The Life – Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

By Marie Kondo

Of course, I couldn’t get through a post on books about minimalism without mentioning our organization friend, Marie Kondo.

Even though her KonMari method is NOT minimalism, this is still a push in the right direction. Keep the stuff you love, get rid of the rest!

This particular book, the Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up is all about Marie’s method of decluttering, organizing, cleaning, and staying organized. You may have seen her show on Netflix, or read some of her other books as well.

They all focus on not what you’re getting rid of – but what you choose to keep. Marie encourages people to have and live intentionally, and to love the things you surround yourself with! Cool, right?

The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up is also over on my post on Books About Organization. You should check that out too – you know I love a good organization book!

So what do you think about minimalism now?? Going all in? Just a little bit?

I’d love to hear your opinion on these books about minimalism!

As this is not an exhaustive list, I’m always looking for more books on organization and minimalism to help me get my life under control, and to help fabulous people like you do the same!

Have you already read any of these minimalism books?? Do you practice these principles? Only a couple of them?

Please leave a comment and let me know how minimalist you are! I always love to hear others’ experiences!

and remember, make good life choices!


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