Jewelry Organization: Brilliant Ideas for Storing Jewelry

Hey there, jewelry-wearer! Are you just as sick of the big mess your jewelry can make? Rings piled up, bracelets stacked for days, and don’t even get me started on the dreaded… tangled necklaces!

This is no way to live! We need to organize our jewelry.. stat!!

Not only do we need to organize it, we need to safely store our jewelry.. and in a place we can actually get to easily. This is not one of the areas in which you want to over-organize (yeah, I said it. That’s possible).. and lock your stuff away in a system so complex you can’t even find it.

The idea here is to help you with jewelry organization.. but in a functional way. I want you to be able to get to the pieces you wear on a daily basis without even trying.

how to organize your daily jewelry so it's accessible!

And I want you to be able to access those other pieces that are more for special occasions, holidays, wacky Wednesdays, etc.

This is super easy to do, don’t worry!

And, don’t think that just because we’re talking about organization and having a clean home means that you’ll have to put everything away, or into ugly little boxes.

Au contraire!

I’ll help you earn major brownie points for some truly cute jewelry organizers! Some you can have out to keep your jewelry permanently ‘on display’ or visible while you make up your mind about your outfit and accessories!

Worried about cost? Don’t! Some of these jewelry organization techniques and devices will earn you DOUBLE points for repurposing household items, or verry cheap items you can pick up at the Dollar Store, Target, or Hobby Lobby!

TL;DR: I’ve found several ways to store jewelry – check them out here!

Brilliant Jewelry Organizing Ideas You Should Try
Plus, Jewelry Organization Tools!

Storing Jewelry in Drawers

If you’ve got drawers in your vanity, dresser, bathroom counter, or wherever you want to store you’re jewelry, you’re in luck!

There are LOADS of ways to store jewelry in drawers. Be sure to check out my DIY Jewelry Organizers post for more on how you can make your own.

Drawer Dividers

This one is pretty obvious. Use your drawer space wisely and you can fit a LOT of jewelry inside!

But more importantly, if you use the right drawer dividers, you can organize a lot of jewelry inside, keep it visible, and properly spaced out from its neighbors!

There are loads of options. You can purchase a divider specifically made for jewelry like one of these:

Or, you can grab a general-purpose drawer organizer and just use it for jewelry like one of these guys.

Jewelry Box

I’m not talking the one with the tiny ballerina spinning in it that plays Tchaikovsky (though, you do that if you want! I may have had one or two of those back in the day)..

I’m talking about small boxes that fit in drawers (sometimes), and are sturdy enough to hold their ground, protect their contents, but don’t sing (again, unless you like the singing).

Egg Carton, Paint Tray, or Ice Tray

These guys sort of fall into the “DIY Jewelry Organizer” category – but you can also just find them in your closet or the dollar store and plop them on down in your drawer.

Way cuter than tupperware, but far cheaper than true dividers. Using egg cartons, paint trays, or ice trays as jewelry organizers is a very cheap way to organize your jewels and get rid of the random rubbish around your home.

Stands & Hangers

This is basically a jewelry box.. on display! As long as you have the room, this is a very good way to store jewelry giving you both visual and physical access to it at the drop of a hat!

Bowls or Cups

This is a cool two-birds-with-one-stone option! Use bowls or cups that you no longer want or need, that have chips, or were a kind of .. not your style.. gift but you’d feel bad throwing out.

Ring & Earring Organizers

There are a LOT of these. Here are a few general types of jewelry boxes for you.

But ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what kind of space you have available, and how much jewelry you need to store.

I LOVE these jewelry organization ideas! Check them out!

Travel Jewelry Box

As an avid traveler, I love having options for storage that pertain specifically to travel. Here are a couple of great travel jewelry boxes to help keep your pieces safe – anywhere you go!

Storing Jewelry On a Vanity or Dresser

Decorative Plates & Bowls

Those bowls and plates your mom gives you when she goes on a trip?? You know – the ones you have no use for…?

FALSE- you do have a use for them! You’re now going to use them as jewelry holders.

jewelry storage ideas

You can also always buy your own. There are a zillion varieties of cute jewelry bowls, plates, etc.

You can even do a fun combo like this:

But remember – using this kind of option is only good for a FEW pieces of jewelry – your normal daily rotation. Put the other stuff that you wear less often into one of these other storage options.

If you pile every piece of jewelry you own into one little plate.. well, the plate is useless. Give that plate’s life meaning, and use it sparingly!

Candy Cup & Chocolate Box

This isn’t as delicious as it sounds, but it does look super cute!

This is technically another DIY .. but it’s so easy I think it belongs here!

Just grab some candy paper cups, your favorite chocolate box or Christmas cookie tin.. and divide your jewelry up however you’d like!

Not only is this a-freakin-dorable.. it also gives you a totally legit reason to finish off that box of chocolates.. right!? Right.

Milk Glass

This jewelry organization option (and home decor piece!) is super popular these days.. and I think it was also popular back in my great grandma’s time… maybe it’s retro and coming back?

Who knows! BUT. I do know that it’s cute. Milk glass can double as tasteful decor and beautiful jewelry stands, holders, and hooks.

Win-Win! You can maybe find some at a secondhand shop, or check it out here.

Ring Holder

Rings are typically very important and expensive – so it’s vital that we keep them in a safe place where they can’t possibly escape, roll off, fall in a crack never to return, etc.

I really like using cute ring stands like these:

They allow you to display your rings.. without worrying that they’ll roll away. Yay!

Earring Stand

As you know.. I’m an organization NERD. It’s not just that I don’t want my stuff to be messy.. it’s that I want it to be very, very, VERY clean, neat, and organized – with a purpose!

That’s why these earring stands are my favorite thing. They’re filled with perfectly straight lines, allowing me to organize my earrings in whatever fashion I want. (ROYGBIV , obviously!)

Hanging Jewelry Organizers

There are a LOT of options when it comes to ways to hang jewelry up. I’m going to show you several.. get pumped!

Pocket Dividers

This hanging pocket divider is especially great if you a) have very little space, and need or want to hang jewelry up on the back of a door, etc. or b) travel a lot, and want a quick and easy way to be able to pack up your jewelry and go.

Wood Strip + Hooks

This one seems to be super popular these days, especially for people going for a rustic, ‘farm-house’ type of look. However, there are styles that fit in with more than just ‘rustic.’

They’re a great way to both display and safely store necklaces!

Over-The-Door Hanging Jewelry Cabinet

To me, a person who doesn’t own (or wear) THAT much jewelry.. this seems excessive.

But to a REAL Jewelry-wearing person.. this seems like heaven!

This incredible device basically provides a second closet.. just for your jewelry!

I’ve heard of people literally building a tiny closet like this one into a wall, but this requires significantly less work.

Just hang it over a door (one where you can easily get to the back, and open this cabinet if necessary) – and boom! You’re all set with a secret, special jewelry cabinet!

Expandable Hat Racks

This is insanely easy. Just grab a couple of these cheap, folding hat racks, stick them wherever (just make sure you leave enough space below each one for the necklaces or bracelets you’ll be hanging!) and you’re all set!

I love this option because I’m incredibly OCD about making things line up exactly, have equal spacing, etc.. and this provides equal spacing and straight lines without trying at all!! SCORE!

DIY Jewelry Organizers

Don’t feel like spending money on new jewelry organization containers, hooks, hangers, or other silly doo-dads? Make your own!

I’ve got a whole post about making your own jewelry organizers here! Go DIY happy, friend!

How do you organize your jewelry?? Leave a comment, or even a picture below! I’d love to see your layout and learn new ideas!

and remember – make good life choices!

~ Allison

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