20 DIY Sugar Scrubs That Will Rock Your Socks Off

Healthy skin is wonderful. I mean.. who doesn’t want to have awesome skin??

Skin is basically the ‘packaging’ for what’s inside. Since you already know your heart, soul, mind, and personality are all pretty fantastic – don’t you want to attract people to your awesomeness.. with awesome, beautiful, glowing skin?

Using Sugar Scrubs, this job becomes quite easy!! Sugar scrubs are a fun, easy way to exfoliate your skin, leaving it shiny, glowing, healthy, and clean!!

And everyone knows, when you look great, you tend to feel great, too!

So, I’ve compiled a huge list of DIY Sugar Scrub recipes! These are suuuuper easy, yet suuuper fun DIY projects for you to do anytime you want!

DIY projects are great self care activities already.. plus, this one RESULTS in a great self care product for a nightly routine or daily routine – SCORE!!

But first, we have a bit to learn…

What are Sugar Scrubs?

Sugar scrubs are skin exfoliants containing very few ingredients! Typically, just sugar, oil, and an essential oil and/or vitamin.

They’re super easy to make, and even easier to use!

Just scrub a bit on your skin when washing your hands or taking a bath or shower, and come out with shiny, smooth, refreshed skin that looks and smells great!

How to use them

how to use a sugar scrub

The main goal of a sugar scrub is to exfoliate your skin! Sugar isn’t great to eat, but it IS great for external use!

You can use sugar scrubs on your lips, face, feet, and basically any other skin you feel like exfoliating!

If you’re only exfoliating your lips, face, or hands, you can just do this over your sink in your bathroom.

But, if you’re going for a more full-body exfoliation routine, you should probably take care of this in the shower.

Either way, you’ll want to get the area nice and wet (preferably with hot water!) before scrubbing, and rinse off with hot water as well.

This will leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated!

What goes into a sugar scrub

Each sugar scrub is a bit different, but the main ingredients of each are:

  • Sugar (of course) – sometimes raw sugar, brown sugar, or just regular sugar
  • Oil of some sort (coconut, almond, jojoba, or avacado are popular choices)
  • Essential Oils (optionally) – to leave you both feeling and smelling fresh and lovely!
  • Vitamins (optionally) – can help with various issues like scarring, wrinkles, rough skin, etc.

The teeny granules of sugar are rough enough to help remove dead skin cells, but aren’t so large, rough, and harsh as to hurt your skin.

Also, sugar is naturally a source of glycolic acid, which can help generate new cells to reveal younger looking skin – without all of those nasty chemicals in many products out there!

Why DIY?

Why should you do it yourself? Why not just buy a sugar scrub at the store?

Well.. because making sugar scrubs is fun!!!

It’s usually a bit cheaper than purchasing it in a store, and you can make as much, or as little as you want!

Each of these sugar scrub recipes are fun and easy to make! They give you the satisfaction of making something with your hands (one of those fun self care tips we like here), but without hours of hard work!!

Plus, you can give them away as thoughtful, handmade gifts or party favors.

Win win!

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20 DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes You Can Make Today!

DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes

I’ve compiled a list of incredible, easy, and awesome sugar scrub recipes for you here!

These are all the products of the pros! I didn’t create any of these recipes, though I have made several of them myself, and I LOVED THEM so much, I knew I had to share with you! So I’ve linked to each different recipe below so you can go check out the individual masterminds behind the scrubs!

The great thing about these DIY Sugar Scrub recipes is that you can make these for anyone, at any time!

Some are more suited to certain times of year, holidays, seasons, etc. But really, you can make them whenever you want!

Just remember to keep an eye out for how long each one should last in a sealed container!

Have fun with these super – simple, very-fun DIY Sugar Scrub Recipes!

Mandarin Sugar Scrub

Holy Mandarins, Batman! Those bad boys are filled with antioxidants and loads of vitamins that we all need.. plus they’re adorable and freakin delicious.

So.. why not make a perfect sugar scrub out of them!?!

This Mandarin Sugar Scrub Recipe is one of my favorites.. because Mandarins are some of my favorite fruits.. of COURSE I want to rub them all over my body!

You should too!

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

I started this project a few months before Christmas, and tried this recipe out first (helloooo Christmas presents for everyone I know!), and I’ve gotta tell you, I LOVE IT!

This Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe is suuuper easy, and makes a cute, easy Christmas present for anyone (including yourself)! Score!

Himalayan Salt Scrub (not sugar.. whoops!)

You probably already know that Himalayan Salt contains loads of extra nutrients and minerals that plain old salt does not.

What you may not know is that himalayan sea salt also makes a kick-ass scrub – just like sugar!! Check out this Himalayan Salt Scrub recipe here!

Yes.. it’s not technically a sugar scrub, but I just couldn’t leave this one out.. sorry, not sorry! I think you’ll love it too!

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Grapefruit is just one of those naturally invigorating fruits! They tell you to eat it for breakfast.. they make all of those morning facewashes smell like it… why not use that to your advantage?

I love this Grapefruit Sugar Scrub, because it not only exfoliates and cleanses like other scrubs, but it will wake you right up!!

Blueberry Lemon Sugar Scrub

Few fruit flavors are as unique and yet utterly perfect as blueberry and lemon. I mean.. have you HAD a blueberry lemon pound cake, muffin, or scone??


Now, just apply that deliciousness to a scrub, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous, blue Blueberry Lemon Body Scrub.

You’re gonna love it!

Butterbeer Sugar Scrub

Listen up. I am possibly the BIGGEST Harry Potter fan around.. really.

I’ve won Harry Potter trivia in various restaurants, and even on a cruise once.

My cat’s name is Severus.

So when I say that this Butterbeer Sugar Scrub is incredible.. you’ve got it on good authority that it’s freakin incredible.

As Dumbledore says, “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

So choose wisely, friends!

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

pumpkin spice

I KNOW you know some pumpkin spice lovers! If you’re wondering what type of gift to give the pumpkin spicers of your life, this Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub Recipe is absolutely perfect!

Raspberry Lemonade Sugar Scrub

Mmmm raspberry lemonade just tastes like summer to me!

Nostalgia + tasty flavors + citrus cleansing powers?? Sign me up!

I love this Raspberry Lemonade Sugar Scrub Recipe!!

Chocolate Sugar Scrub

For all of you chocoholics out there, this is the best of both worlds! Experience luxurious self care and the deliciousness of chocolate.. on a DIY budget with Zero calories!

What more can you ask for!?

Nothing, I think! Check out this fabulous Chocolate Sugar Scrub Recipe here!

Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Everyone knows someone who is obsessed with Vanilla. They have vanilla scented candles, vanilla scented trees hanging from their rear-view mirrors, Vanilla lotion, wax melts, and vanilla lip balm.

But what do you give the person that has everything (vanilla)?

This delicious-smelling Vanilla Sugar Scrub. They will love you for the thoughtful, handmade gift. Trust me.

Sweet Grape Sugar Scrub

Grape Koolaid + Sugar? Count. Me. Effing. In.

This Sweet Grape Sugar Scrub is everything 7 year old you ever wanted to drink – that .. uh.. 21 year old you NOW (we’ll go with it) wants to rub all over your body!

Do it! You’re gonna love it!

Lavender Sugar Scrub

This Lavender Sugar Scrub recipe is particularly fantastic because of the calming effects of Lavender! If you’re looking to add something to your nightly routine to help you sleep better, this Lavender Sugar Scrub is toootallly right for you!

Lime & Sea Salt Sugar Scrub

This Lime & Sea Salt Sugar Scrub recipe is certainly unique – but does a fantastic job of leaving your skin clean, shiny, exfoliated, and soft!

Plus, who doesn’t love citrus!!? No one, that’s who!

Give it a try!

Orange Sugar Scrub

If you don’t already know, I LOVE everything that smells or tastes like oranges.. it’s my favorite flavor of most everything in the world! PLUS, citrus is naturally cleansing and good for you!

So, obviously this Homemade Orange Sugar Scrub is one of my favorites here! I hope you love it too!

Watermelon Sugar Scrub

As a kid, my all-time favorite flavor of literally ANYTHING was watermelon. Watermelon bubble gum, watermelon lip smackers.. watermelon koolaid, Gatorade, and of course, just straight up watermelons.

I have grown up, but I never outgrew my love of watermelon things! So obviously, I ADORE this DIY Watermelon Lip Scrub. It. Is. Awesome.

Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub

This one smells like Christmas. It just does.

If you want to experience a smell that basically is the nasal equivalent of “comfort food” – this is it!

I insist that you check out this brilliant Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub Recipe. It’s gonna rock your socks off!

Oatmeal Brown Sugar Scrub

unique scrub with oatmeal and brown sugar

This DIY Oatmeal & Brown Sugar Scrub is particularly great for exfoliating your skin and getting rid of dead skin cells. The variation in texture will produce different results that I think you’ll enjoy!

Plus.. it’ll REALLY make you want to grab a cinnamon roll!

French Vanilla Coffee Sugar Scrub

Are you a coffee lover? Do you have someone on your gift shopping list who is obsessed with Starbucks, but you don’t want to get them a boring-ass Starbucks gift card for their birthday or Christmas??

Then make this super easy, and ultra-thoughtful gift for them: French Vanilla Coffee Sugar Scrub. They. Are. Going. To. Love. It.

In fact, you may need to remind them not to eat it..

Mermaid Sugar Scrub

Have a daughter, friend (or are you) obsessed with the Little Mermaid, the Ocean, or just mermaids in general?

This adorable, easy-to-make Mermaid Sugar Scrub is the perfect project to make together.. and then to pamper yourselves with together too!

I know you’re gonna love it!

Cotton Candy or Unicorn Sugar Scrub

Unicorn Sugar Scrub (also known in some places as Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub) is a super fun way to get kids involved in both the making of the scrub, and using it!

It’s SUPER easy, fun, and cute.. and – kid approved!

Tools for Making a Sugar Scrub


Most of these sugar scrub recipes call for a mixer – not just because they don’t think you can hand-mix solid coconut oil (um.. you can’t), but also to give your sugar scrubs the correct texture they’re looking for!

There are several affordable hand mixers online like this one:

Food Coloring & Gloves

Many of these sugar scrub recipes call for food coloring.

Keep in mind, this is optional, and you should take into consideration the person or people who will be using the scrub (you or whomever you’re gifting the scrubs to) and make sure no one is allergic to certain colored dyes. If they are, remember that food coloring does NOT contribute to the function of the sugar scrubs, just their aesthetics.

However, if you do choose to use food coloring (I always do!) Here are some great options for you:

Additionally, you may want to consider wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands from turning funny colors, making you an oompa loompa, smurf, or other embarrassing, fictional, colored-hands creature 🙂

Non-stainable bowl

You’ve got it already – food coloring = colored bowls. Make sure you find one that won’t absorb your food coloring, leaving it funky colors forever. 🙂

How to Store Your Sugar Scrubs (functional & fab)

Small Jars w/ Airtight Lids for Body Scrub

So… your sugar scrubs can be used on any part of your body – arms, legs, lips, butts, whatever.

But it seems like a “body scrub” if you put it in a bigger jar. Easy enough.

Just find yourself a small jar like this – make sure it SEALS up, doesn’t just close. And it should last for up to a month!

Cute Jars!

Like I said, you need jars that seal up.. but that doesn’t mean they have to be ugly!

There are tiny mason jars with cool patterns..

There are funky shaped jars. And jars with hinged lids!

You do you. Make it as cute (or not) as you want! This is your crafty, self-care creation!

Make up jars for LIP scrubs

Any of these can be for body or for lips. It just depends on which flavors.. er.. scents you like the most.. how long you want to keep it, and how MUCH of it you want to make (especially for gifts! It can get expensive to buy many big jars)

I really like getting these teeny jars made for lip balms or lip scrubs for my sugar scrubs. Then I can make a couple of batches, but not gallons of it, and still have plenty to give away to my friends, family, and colleagues.

Ribbon / String

If you really want to make your sugar scrubs cute -just grab some ribbon or string that matches the scrub, is a contrasting color, or highlights festival holiday colors.

Such as: Green & Red for Christmas, Blue for a Yellow sugar scrub, Red & White for a peppermint sugar scrub, you get the idea..

DIY Sugar Scrubs Make Great (cheap!) Gifts!!

Family Christmas Gifts

Want to stop spending a zillion dollars on a bunch of junk you’re not even sure if your family will like.. not to mention the hours of searching for it, wrapping it, and lugging it around?

Just make a huge batch of your chosen sugar scrub (or scrubs), put them in adorable jars, tie them up with Christmassy ribbons, add a little gift tag, and boom- you’ve got yourself BATCH CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. How. effing. cool. is. that!?

Office Christmas Gifts

Want to do something thoughtful for your colleagues but don’t actually want to shop for 30 people?

Make a big batch of your favorite sugar scrub, put them in small lip balm containers, add a little sticker saying Happy Holidays! and. move. on. with. your. life.

(Bridal) Party Favors

Same deal here. You can make a cheap, handmade, thoughtful gift for very few dollars, with a big reward.

Girls love sugar scrub.

People with skin love sugar scrub.

Basically, everyone loves sugar scrub. Give it away at any party, as a party favor or a bridal party gift in their goodie bags!

Baby Shower Gifts

You get the idea by now.

Make a big batch of sugar scrub.

Put it in tiny containers.

Give it away.


Galentines Day or Treat-Yo-Self Day Gifts

Same deal.

Gals love sugar scrub.

Wanna throw a Galentines Day brunch party that would make even Leslie Knope proud??

Galentines day is a great excuse to make sugar scrubs!

Handmake your galentines gifts!!!

Want to Treat Yo Self like Tom and Donna?? (without spending the outrageous amount of money they inexplicably make at the Parks Department?)

Handmake your own version of a treat yo self day. Easy. Peasy.

What kind of DIY Sugar Scrubs are you going to make?

I’m going straight for the wild orange, mint chocolate & peppermint.. and himalayan salt.

I may have a problem.

Leave a comment and let me know!

and remember, make good life choices!


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