DIY Jewelry Organizers: Crafty Ideas for Jewelry Storage!

If you’re not interested in spending extra money on jewelry organizing tools, OR if you’re just feeling crafty. . . Here are the best ways to make your own jewelry organizer from things you’ll find around your home – or with very cheap supplies that are SUPER easy to get!

I hope they help you save time, save money, and display your jewelry in a super cute, functional way!

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DIY Hanging Jewelry Organizers

Sometimes we “have no space” for jewelry storage. But never fear! Almost everyone has a wall! Or back of a door! Or flat surface like the inside of a bookcase to hang things on.

Even if you’re short on space, I bet one of these hanging jewelry organizers is the perfect DIY project for you!

Thread Rack

This is a great one for the back of your door, or in a spot where you can tuck it away, but still access your jewelry pretty easily. These thread racks come already made, and ready for action! (Just don’t put it in a highly-trafficked area.. or near anyone’s eyeball level!)

Wood Block + Hooks

This has become insanely popular lately.. and for good reason. Hangers like this are cute, simple to assemble and hang, and don’t take up (hardly) any room!

Just buy or cut a strip of wood to your desired length, and get some of these small hooks to screw or (lightly!) hammer in at the intervals of your choice!

Towel Rack

The easiest.. and sturdiest DIY jewelry organizer here!

Literally just a towel rack… but with jewelry. EASY. PEASY.

Picture Frames & Hooks or Screen

All you need for these are some sturdy picture frames you like (you can even get next-to-nothing frames from places like Goodwill! Or, buy a cute set that matches!

Then grab some mesh, stick it in there just like a picture… plus a little super glue.. and you’re golden!

Check out these DIY Jewelry Organizers! I can’t wait to make my own!

Cork Boards

Along the same lines, you can just get various sized pieces of cork board (preferably the already-framed kind that are meant to hang in a classroom or office) and hang them up!

This is an insanely convenient and cute way to both store and display your jewelry!

Expandable Hat Hooks

This is CRAZY easy. Thank me later.

Just plop up a couple of these expandable hat wracks and you’ve got yourself a jewelry hanging station!

I love this option because I’m incredibly OCD about making things line up exactly, have equal spacing, etc.. and this provides equal spacing and straight lines without trying at all!! SCORE!

Command Hooks

This is the simplest choice ever (I did it, for cryin’ out loud). Just grab some command hooks and stick them on up!

Use Command hooks as simple DIY jewelry organizers.

They even make gold, silver, and other colors now – not just that plain, ugly white. Score!

(They also have pre-made jewelry organizers like this.. but that’s less DIY-ish now isn’t it??)

Coat Hanger + Hooks

Use the same small hooks as before- but this time on a nice sturdy wooden coat hanger (one without the cross bar for pants like this one!).. you can paint it or do whatever you want. And it only takes up the space of a shirt!

How cool!

DIY Vanity Display Jewelry Organizers

If you’re lucky and have the space on a vanity, counter, dresser, or anywhere flat that holds things.. these choices are for you!

These DIY jewelry storage options are both functional (at least.. most of them) AND cute! Score!

Jars on Display

This jewelry storage option is VERY unique. (This is the only one I’m showing that is possibly not very user-friendly.. it seems like your jewelry may get tangled getting it in and out of the jars.)

But. If your primary aim is to display cute pieces in jars for the world to see.. this is the project for you!

Just get some tall jars like this with cork lids, a couple of screw-in hooks like this, and you’ve got yourself a creative way to store and display your jewelry!

Chocolate Box Jewelry

This isn’t as delicious as it sounds, but it does look super cute!

Just grab some of these candy paper cups (they come in holiday varieties, different sizes, shapes, and colors if you’re into that.. or want to change them out every once in a while). and a chocolate tin, Christmas cookie tin, or any other container your heart desires!

Bam! Adorable, divided, jewelry organizer for very few dollars!

(Plus a darn good reason to finish off a box of chocolates, am I right!?

DIY Jewelry Drawer Organizers

Plastic Drawers + Craft Foam

Hook your earrings into the foam and have your own little in-drawer display case! This will only cost you around $17 for the drawers, depending on which you choose, and around $5-10 for the sheet of foam, which you can cut to size super easily!

Egg Cartons, Paint Trays, or Ice Trays

This one honestly only requires putting it into your drawer, there’s no real DIY element, unless you decide to pain them, which would be astoundingly cool!!

Drawer Boxes

There are loads of small, existing boxes you can buy and then cover in cute contact paper like this or this. This this the most basic form of drawer dividers – boxes, but not with a million tiny dividers inside.

What does this mean for you? It means it’s an easy to make jewelry organizer! YAY!

Tea Cups or Bowls

This is a cool two-birds-with-one-stone option! Use bowls or cups that you no longer want or need, that have chips, or were a kind of .. not your style.. gift but you’d feel bad throwing out.

Playing Card Hooks

To add a little spunk into your jewelry collection, you can make these SUPER easy necklace, bracelet, and possibly earring holding cards.

Just cut a small slit in your playing cards and slide it on in! Then keep them in a box.

(If you’re super OCD like me, you’ll have an insanely convenient way of keeping them in order…don’t judge!)

Plastic Earring Backs

You know how when you buy a pair of earrings, they’re on that annoying little square of plastic that you immediately throw away, since it fits absolutely nowhere?

Well now you can make your own! But it will be useful instead!

Just get a sheet of this plastic, puncture some homes, and you’re good to go!

If you have a lot of earrings, you can make multiple sheets

DIY Jewelry Travel Organizers

Drawstring Bag for Travel

If you’re a wiz on the sewing machine, you can whip up something like this:

These are great for keeping your jewelry safe and tucked away (without drawing too much attention to an obvious “look at me! I’m a jewelry box” type of storage device!

Earring Organizer Box (for Travel)

Just find a box with a hinge (bonus points for having a ribbon to keep it from flopping all the way open!) and latch.. and cut two easy pieces of crafting foam to fit down inside.

Hot glue the first sheet of foam down to the box. Then hot glue the second on top of the first sheet.

Bing, bang boom! Once it’s dry, just stick your earrings in there! You’re all set!

If you’ve just realized that making DIY jewelry organizers is more work than you’re currently willing to put in, I’ve found MANY great options for you here.. that are mostly all already assembled! Check out these Jewelry Organization Tools here!

Hopefully you know the value of being organized, and will choose the best jewelry organization method for you! I truly hope this helps you keep things neat and tidy, beautiful, and functional!!

and remember, make good life choices!


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