Crush 2020! Meaningful New Years Resolutions For Every Aspect of Life!

new years resolutions for 2020

I must admit, I haven’t always been the biggest fan of New Years Resolutions. They always seem like lofty ambitions and sometimes unrealistic goals we set ourselves when looking to the future with rosy glasses. We didn’t lose the weight this year? Ehh, it’s almost January 1 – that seems like a good time! … … Read more

Organize Files: Digital Organization for Beginners

organize files

Is your desktop a chaotic mess of file thumbnails? You can’t find anything you need.. Many of us find a huge pile of digital clutter each time we power up our computers. We try to ignore it.. pretend we know where everything is. But instead of taking the time to organize files, we simply shut it down and walk away.

It’s so much easier that way, right?

NO! Allowing digital clutter means you’re just putting off making decisions and allowing your possessions to be a disorganized mess!

How to Be Productive When You’re Crazy Busy: 75 Ways

how to be productive when very busy

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m CRAZY BUSY. I take on too many projects at once (I just get so excited!), and I have this natural-born tendency to over-schedule myself. . . a lot. But. I’ve learned how to be productive each and every day, even when I’m crazy busy.

Want to learn the secret?

See, the trick is that you don’t have to be productive ALL DAY just to have a productive day.

In order to be productive and have a productive day, you simply need to knock out one real task. That’s it.

How to Make a Schedule to Increase Productivity

make a schedule for productivity

Feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Like you’re always (always!) working, but don’t seem to get everything done… or can’t quite put a finger one ONE thing you got done today?

You’re not alone.

Nearly all of us spend the majority of our days working, but not NEARLY enough of us are working productively!

Let’s learn how to make a schedule that will help us increase productivity!

15 Habits of Highly Successful People You Need To Steal Immediately

habits of highly successful people

Every day, you see “Cinderella stories” about successful people and their accomplishments. You think, “wow, they’re so lucky!” or “if only I __________, I could do that too!”

If you really want to level up, you should start asking yourself What do successful people do EVERY DAY?

Figure it out, then copy that sh*t! There’s no rule that says you have to be completely original in every aspect of your life.

Without further adieu, here are, 15 Habits of Highly Successful People