Why Being Organized Is Important: Top 15 Benefits of Being Organized

Some people find getting organized to be a scary or unpleasant task that will “never get done,” and “doesn’t really matter.” These people don’t understand why being organized is important. Unfortunately, this mindset leaves people with messy, cluttered houses, and an undue amount of stress!

If instead, we thought about being organized as an important, valued character trait, such as being responsible, loyal, or honest, our lives could be so different, less busy, and definitely less stressful!

Here, we will explore why being organized is important (so very, very important!), by describing the top 15 benefits of being organized!

Keep reading to learn more about getting organized and how it can change your life!

Why Being Organized Is Important

Why Being Organized Is Important

Benefit of Being Organized #1: It Reduces Stress

Living in a messy, disorganized, and cluttered situation is simply stressful.

With mountains of objects towering over you, you are forced to think about them.. constantly!

It’s impossible to fully focus on chores, appointments, paying bills, caring for pets, or even RELATIONSHIPS when you live in a state of constantly disorganized chaos!

So, when you’re organized, your mind is free! It can focus on whatever you’d like, rather than your junk.

It leaves you time [AND SPACE] to create and maintain an efficient system in your home – whether that’s daily habits for tidying up, scheduling and keeping appointments, setting goals, paying bills, regular date night… whatever.

That’s a big win in my book!

PLUS, you no longer have to search for things in your home: clothes to wear, batteries, books, shoes, anything. You know where everything is.

Forget the days of running late because you couldn’t find that pair of heels, or that tie you were looking for. Or frantically running to the store to grab that thing you thought you had.. but couldn’t find.

You know where everything is. You know what you’ve got, and you know how to find it – instantly!

Finally, GONE are the days of stressing out before a holiday, party, event, or just a Tuesday – when people may come over and actually see the madness of your home.

Now, there’s no need to be stressed out if your kid’s friend’s mom comes inside when they come to pick up little Billy or Susie.

No need to have a panic attack 2 days before a family gathering when your grandma will come over and judge the state of your home.

When you’re organized, you welcome them in with open arms, and proudly show off your clean, organized home.

By far, the BEST benefit of being organized is not being stressed out so damn much.

Take the 30 Day Cleaning Challenge and get your life back!

Benefit of Being Organized #2: Saves Time for Things You Want To Do

Benefit of Being Organized #2: Saves Time for Things You Want To Do

If you’re disorganized, you spend several extra minutes (or hours!?) each day, searching for the things you need.

Maybe you spend hours each month or so, trying to get your mess back under control – only for it to spiral back out of control within a week.

When friends or family come over, you probably spend an entire day (or more) de-cluttering, organizing, and then scrubbing your home from top to bottom.

That’s no fun. You may even end up resenting them for it – and that’s not fair to them!

Instead, when you’re organized, you get the benefit of knowing where things are, having confidence in the appearance of your home, and can instead spend your time how you want!

Relax, have a date night, play with your kids, take a trip, go for a walk – anything that is important to you can now supersede relentless searching!

Benefit of Being Organized #3: Improves Your Health & Well Being

When you have a messy house, you’ve got a lot of things sitting around. Those things aren’t helping you in any way, but they’re sure as heck collecting dust!!

Less clutter = less stuff = less dust = less allergies / sickness!

That one is pretty darn simple to understand and prove!

Plus, when you’re less stressed – remember, reducing stress is the biggest benefit of being organized! – you run less of a risk of stress-related health problems such as depression, anxiety, heart problems, etc.

I’ll bet you think being organized is important now, huh?? It could save your life!!

Benefit of Being Organized #4: Increase Productivity

Productive people typically focus on one task at a time. They avoid distractions, use tools they need to stay focused and up-to-date, and see a project through to completion before moving on to another task.

Productive people do not spend their days wading through junk, sifting through paperwork, and sorting through piles of stuff just to find an item or tool they need!

Productive people know what they need, they know where to find it, and they get sh!t done!

If you get organized give every item a home, and maintain your organized home or office, you too can become a productive person!

Doesn’t that sound nice??

Benefit of Being Organized #5: Provides a Clean, Attractive Home You Can Be Proud Of

Benefit of Being Organized #5: Provides a Clean, Attractive Home You Can Be Proud Of

Remember that time an unexpected visitor arrived at your home (your messy, messy home!), and your house was such a wreck that you did your very best to keep them on the doorstep, or to avoid letting them see the chaos?

That didn’t feel very good, did it?

I understand. I’ve been there. (More than once.)

One of the very best benefits of being organized is eliminating that embarrassment, stress, fear, anxiety, and general feeling of “omg please don’t come in or look at anything!!!”

Getting organized means having a home you can be proud of. On a special holiday, or any day at all.

Getting organized means a friend can drop by at any time, and you’re happy to welcome them into your home.

Getting organized means getting your life back.

Benefit of Being Organized #6: Consistently Be On Time!

Disorganization means searching for your clothes, your shoes, accessories, briefcase or backpack, diaper bag.. and on and on.

Whatever your intentions, if your home is disorganized, being on time can be difficult!

Instead of rushing around everywhere you go, get yourself organized.

Suddenly, your ETA will be “NOW!” Those ‘wya?” texts will result in a knock on the door!

You’ll find yourself able to be on time, consistently. anywhere you go! What a cool benefit of organization!

Benefit of Being Organized #7: Easily Keep Track of What You Have

Anyone who has ever been disorganized, or lived in a disorganized space has certainly had this experience:

  • Search for an item
  • Keep searching
  • Yells, “Do we have a ____!?”
  • Can’t find the itme
  • Goes to the store, or Amazon, gets new item
  • Use the newly bought item
  • …… find old item you had all along
Benefit of Being Organized #7: Easily Keep Track of What You Have


So how do we avoid this?? How do you keep yourself from purchasing duplicates, over and over, until you’re eventually buried by your 1000 spatulas??

Get organized!!!

One of the nicest benefits of being organized is knowing exactly what you’ve got, and where it is.

You know if you have the thing you need, or if you definitely need to go get a new thing… and won’t waste your time and money searching and buying!

why getting organized is important: 15 benefits of getting organized

Benefit of Being Organized #8: Creates a Clutter-Free Environment – Physically and Mentally

When your home is unorganized, it can be tough to find the focus to really stop wasting time, stop procrastinating and be productive.

The physical clutter creates mental clutter as well.

Whether or not you are consciously doing so, your mind is constantly running through a “to do list” (clean the closet, put away the shoes, re-organize tupperware mountain , throw out expired prescriptions, etc).

And that little bit of your brain that’s focused on your clutter.. well, it’s not focused on the tasks at hand. The relationships at hand. The life experiences going on around you.

And that’s no way to live.

Instead, reap the benefits of getting organized by decluttering your space in order to declutter your mind.

(plus, it’ll look pretty, right?? score!)

Benefit of Being Organized #9: Promotes Creativity

why being organized is important: being organized Promotes Creativity

As we discussed in benefit #8, having a disorganized living space almost guarantees having a disorganized, or at least, unfocused mind.

But when you get organized, suddenly your mind has space to think, explore, and grow!

Without piles of ITEMS lying around, over-stimulating your brain, reminding you of stories, art, to-do lists, memories, junk, shopping, or whatever else…. your mind will have to seek out its own entertainment!

*don’t get me started on how our entire society needs to get organized and away from 100% constant stimulation.. but I digress*

When your mind is NOT overwhelmed by tasks and stimuli, it is able to wander.

It can think of a fun craft or DIY project you can do. For fun, for decoration, as a gift, or for any reason.

Maybe your newly opened mind will come up with a short story you can write.

Perhaps you’ll whip out your painting supplies and brush your way to a masterpiece!

Or, you can simply think of something fun to do, a new way to track habits in your bullet journal, or an event you could plan with a friend.

When your home is organized, your mind can be open to anything at all!

Those are the things that truly make us human. Make us feel alive. Give us quality time with loved ones. Allow us to dream, create, and explore!

Talk about the importance of organization!!

Benefit of Being Organized #10: Saves Money

Remember that sob story back in Benefit #7? The one where you had no idea what you had or didn’t have, and then wasted your money buying something you DID already have?

Yeah, that’s one of the best benefits of being organized. You’ll save so much money!!

In addition to knowing what you’ve got and avoiding buying duplicate items for your home, you’ll also develop a new mindset when you organize your house!

When you get organized and maintain your organization, you’ll notice over time that you really enjoy the feeling of peace you get in your home.

If someone messes up the system, or if you forget to put something away one day, you’ll probably notice that you feel quite uncomfortable.

You like your system.

When you live in an organized home, you tend to NOT buy junk you don’t need. You’ll avoid Amazon and Target binge shopping sprees. Opt out of purchasing yet ANOTHER handbag, pair of shoes, or workout gear.

When you get organized, your whole mindset will shift.

You’ll start to become a little bit like a minimalist. (Just a little, don’t worry πŸ˜‰ )

Suddenly, you’ll know exactly why being organized is important. You’ll save so much money, and finally be able to meet those Financial New Years Resolutions you set! HOORAY!

Benefit of Being Organized #11: Promotes Charity, Giving, & Help Others

Lots of people set new years resolutions each year that involve “giving back” “donating more” “helping others whenever you can” – but find it hard to locate opportunities to do so.

Well, luckily for you, one of the very coolest benefits of being organized is that it gives you the opportunity to do just that!

When you purge your closet, declutter your kitchen or organize anything, really, you’ll be left with a LOT of stuff to get rid of.

All of those items that are still good or usable, you can (and should) donate to a charity of your choosing.

Clothes and toys, bikes, books, and more will all greatly benefit just about anyone in need!! And helping other people is a GREAT feeling.

In fact, you’ll probably love that benefit of getting organized so much that you’ll want to purge ALL of your closets, your friends’ closets, and give lots away!!

The good feelings associated with giving back are contagious. Use organization to spread it around!

Benefit of Being Organized #12: Gain Energy and Peace

Benefit of Being Organized #12:  Gain Energy and Peace

Remember that lack of stress that I’ve been harping on??

Not only does getting organized help you reduce stress, but it also helps you INCREASE feelings of peace, positivity, and energy!!!

That’s right. It doesn’t just take away the bad, it adds good, too!

You may not believe me right now, and that’s okay. But, if you trust me and give organization a try, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Getting organized can be a tough process, but the result is that you live a happier life in a happier space, and can dedicate your time, energy, money, and brain power to things you care about, you need, or that make you happy.

Win, win, win!

Still wondering why being organized is important?? How ’bout them apples!?

Benefit of Being Organized #13: Boosts Self Confidence

Getting organized will boost your self confidence. Yes, really.

This particular benefit of being organized may not seem like a direct result of, and perhaps it is not direct. However, it’s likely to be the end result of a chain reaction beginning with getting organized.

As we have already discussed, being organized helps you be on time, feel happier, save money, be proud of the house you live in, be more productive, and more!

The increase of all of those feelings is certain to boost your self confidence!!!

When people see you in the grocery store, they’ll notice how happy you look (instead of stressed). Your friends and family will notice the more frequent invites to your home. Your family will notice when you suddenly have extra money lying around to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

See how it’s a cyclical reaction?? You’re happy, so people notice you’re happy. They’re happy you’re happy, and then you’re happy that they’re happy that you’re happy!

Happy?? πŸ™‚ Good, me too!

Benefit of Being Organized #14: Improve & Nurture Relationships

Like I said, a chain reaction occurs when you organize your home!

First, you organize, you’re happy and have loads of free time. What do you do with it? Hopefully, you’ll use your time, energy, saved money, and reduced stress to nurture those relationship in your life that you value.

With an organized house, you’ll have the time, energy, and focus your partner deserves. Plan date nights, game nights, or whatever else floats your boats.

You can spend more time with your kids, in a clean, safe, healthy, happy environment that is better for them to grow up in!! (double win!)

When you’re proud of your organized home, friends will come over more often, and you’ll get the time you need to nurture your friendships and deepen your bonds.

Organization is WAY more than label makers, y’all.

Benefit of Being Organized #15: Sleep Better at Night

why organization is important: it helps you Sleep Better at Night
Serene woman sleeping at night in the bedroom

You might say that all of these wonderful benefits sort of culminate in the final one I’ve listed here.

When you’re happy, confident, saving money, nurturing relationships, being productive, and able to empty and focus your mind in the direction you want… you can always get a better night’s sleep!

Being organized means going to bed with a clear mind. Instead of worrying about the things you “should have done” today, you can go about your nightly routine, and then settle in peacefully for a great night’s sleep.

Peaceful sleep makes for rested people, and again, that cycle begins again.

Restful sleep = calm people = happy people = happy friends = confidence = happy people = peace = restful sleep……. and so on.

You get the picture.

And, hopefully, you get why being organized is important – so, so so important!!

The Benefits of Being Organized are Endless!

As you can see, there are a helluva lot of benefits of being organized!! It can help your mind, your body, your relationships, your giving spirit, and much more!

Hopefully now you are inspired to go and organize your home, declutter a bit, and then dive into making yourself a schedule to be more productive, or a nightly routine to help aid your self care habits!

Whatever you decide to do with your newfound free time, happy demeanor, and overall awesomeness, I hope you enjoy it!

And don’t forget to go spread the word of why organization is important!!! Your friends NEED to know!

What’s Your Favorite Benefit of Being Organized??

My favorite benefits of being organized are reducing stress and becoming more productive and efficient!!

I ALWAYS seem to have too much to do.. so if there’s any way to eliminate some of the ‘unnecessary’ steps I take throughout the day and save a little time and energy- I’m ALL ABOUT IT!!!

Let me know what YOUR favorite benefit of being organized is below – I truly want to know!! πŸ™‚

and remember, make good life choices!


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  1. I like how you mentioned how being organized can help you be creative and feel more alive. We’re trying to have more organization in our home since I want to be more creative while I shoot videos and edit. I’ll be sure to find some organization items that we can take advantage of.

  2. I like being able to move through my home without being guilted by a stack of something requiring my attention. If someone asks me where an item might be, I can tell them exactly where it is. If I want to paint and it’s been months, I just fill up the water bowl and start. I set out the next days clothes the night before to start the day fresh.

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