Organize the Bathroom for Cheap: 7 Types of Bathroom Organizers

My bathroom used to be one of the most cluttered rooms in the house. The same went for my friends’ bathrooms, and definitely my parents’. We were absolutely missing the mark on bathroom organization, and really, realizing how important organization is in general! *Hint: we needed bathroom organizers! So badly.*

It seems that we have a MILLION items in there- which makes sense when you think about it.

We care deeply about our health – it’s “all we’ve got,” after all.

So we buy things to help us be healthy, or beautiful.

Makeup, medicines, bandages, lotion, vitamins, soaps, perfumes, braces, towels, hair products, nail products, thermometers, and on and on and on.

Then we try to store it in teeny little bathrooms without proper cabinet, drawer, or counter space.

You know what happens next…

Most of us pile that junk up, on the counter, or in the cabinets and drawers. It’s a damn mess.

But I’m here to propose a different idea. Dare I say it.. a BETTER idea.

I think we should PROACTIVELY Organize Our Bathrooms.

Crazy, right??

I’m here to show you how with just a few simple, affordable bathroom organizers. Sound good? Good, I thought so, too.

Bathroom Organizers to Help Your Bathrooms Stay Neat & Tidy!


If you’re lucky enough to have drawers built into your bathroom, first, know that I’m extremely jealous. Seriously.

Second, realize that this is the PERFECT opportunity to organize your bathroom!

If we aren’t careful, our drawers often become stuffed with disorganized junk, from hair bands we forget we’ve thrown in, to brushes, combs, perfumes, bottles.. and suddenly we can’t even open them.

But if you play your cards right, and use the right bathroom organizers for drawers, you can use those drawers to your advantage and keep your bathroom organized and clean!

You can use designated drawer dividers like these to section your drawers off how you’d like.

Or, pre-arranged drawer dividers like these:

You can also go for less traditional drawer organizers for your bathroom, such as small bowls, silverware dividers, or whatever other dividers you’ve got on hand!

If you’ve got a lot of pill bottles or other small storage jars for bathroom items such as cotton balls or q-tips, you should consider an in-drawer spice rack to keep your bottles organized and easy to find!

OR, you can get really creative and ADD drawers to your bathroom! There are nicer ones like these that you can match with your decor:

Or if you’re organizing a bathroom on a budget (like me!) you can opt for some of these cheap, but equally useful plastic drawers!

Whatever you decide, just use your bathroom drawer organizers wisely and you can fit loads of stuff in there!


As I said, jars are a fantastic and cheap way to organize your bathroom!

You can find cute jars to leave out and double as both decoration and bathroom organization.

You can even mount jars on the wall as a super cute ‘shelf’ ish bathroom organizer!

If you want to take your jars to the next level, you can match your bathroom organizers with your liquid dispensers!

However you decide to use them, jars are always useful for organizing your bathroom!

Storage Bins

If you’re like me and have literally ZERO drawers in your bathroom, or just don’t have enough space for the number of people and objects that call the bathroom home, storage bins will be a game changer!

I stack my storage bins under the counter, and organize those by type of item.

For me, I’ve got one for hair products, one for first aid, one for medicine, thermometers, and vitamins, and one for rarely-used make up supplies.

You can organize yours however you wish!

I also love using my “locker” shelf to organize my bathroom and storage bins. I leave two of the most-used storage bins open, placing one under and one on top of the shelf, on top of their lids.

The lids help the bins act as “drawers” and allow me to reach what I need quite easily!

Storage bins are a fabulous bathroom organizer to get a lot of items packed into a small space.. in an organized way!


If you’ve got a lot of counter space and want to keep your items visible and very easily accessible, trays can be a great way to both organize and display your bathroom items!

Tiered trays work as well!

Even if you don’t want to stack them, there are loads of trays you can lay our on your counter top to organize your jewelry, daily makeup items, and more!

I love using trays as bathroom organizers!


Want to store your things, but don’t want to show them off to the world?? Baskets are the best way to do this!

All on their own, baskets are decorative and cute! (or, they can be if you choose the right ones!)

Then add their ability to store and somewhat hide things you don’t want to show off to the world (or not), and they suddenly become perfect bathroom organizers!


Whether you’ve got shelves built in to your bathroom, or if you need to add them in, shelves are always a great way to organize and store bathroom items!

They help you get things up off the floor, and utilize vertical space, as well as horizontal surfaces.

Feel free to double up and put jars, trays, etc. on your shelves. Or, just place folded towels, soaps, or jewelry organizers on your bathroom shelves!

If you need to add shelves to the bathroom, you can add some wall shelves from IKEA , or some very small shelves around your sink!

There are also some great options for shelving units above the toilet.

What do people even do with that space anyway!?

Over-The Door Organizers

There are SO MANY over-the-door organizers available as bathroom organizers for you!

There are small over-the-door cabinet organizers that will hold your hair dryer and more.

Others can hold towels, bath robes, and other larger hanging items.

These are probably my favorite! They’re over the door organizers.. that are actually shelves!

They provide all the extra surface space of shelves, and boundaries of a basket to keep your things organized and secure… without adding extra shelving to your already-small bathroom!

I LOVE using existing space for more organization!

Some of the very best (especially if you’re organizing a kids’ bathroom!) are the over-the-door pocket organizers!!

Those bad boys can go on doors, closet doors, and even on a second shower curtain rod.

I adore over the door bathroom organizers! They are the ultimate bathroom organization hack!!

#8 Bonus: Racks

Towel racks are classic bathroom organizers, and are built into most bathrooms.

Those original towel racks are great for.. well, towels.

But did you know there are many different kinds of towel racks? There are some that have multiple layers and allow you to spread out your towels a bit.

They can be used for folded (or rolled) towels.

Some can double as shelves and hold bigger objects.

Others still can double as over-the-door towel racks.

Towel rocks rack!!… wait.

What Bathroom Organizers are your favorite??

Leave a comment below! I love learning more organization tips from friends like you!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out 5 Simple Tips to Organize Anything (seriously, anything)!

and remember, make good life choices!


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