60 Ideas for Self Care You Can Do This Week!

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It is incredibly important to take care of yourself. Yeah, everyone says this, but tragically, very few people actually practice self care.

Instead, they spend their days overworked, stressed out, exhausted, overwhelmed, or ALWAYS taking care of others.

Do you know the feeling?

You spend all day or week taking care of your kids, your spouse, your pets, the neighbor kids, your parents, your work obligations, the list goes on and on.

What if I told you there was a way to take a break from endlessly packing lunches, reading memos, scooping poop and all of those other pesky-but-necessary tasks you do, day in and day out?

A way to rid yourself of stress and overwhelm, even for just a few minutes each day – starting NOW! This very week!

A way to bring a renewed sense of calm, energy, and mayyybe even inner peace!! TODAY!

Possibly even a way to Treat Yo Self!

treat yo self

Would you try it?

Good! Because I don’t just have ONE way for you to achieve this sense of calm and inner piece. I have 60 ways!

Buckle up Prop up your feet and get ready to relax, friend!

I give you:

60 Ideas for Self Care You Can Do This Week

1. Read a Great Book

Books can transport you to a different land, a different time, or a different universe – all without leaving your bed! Get lost in a wonderful book and forget about your real life woes.

Don’t have a great book on hand? No problem! Download the kindle version on demand!

2. Say NO to Everything You Don’t Want to Do

Clearly this isn’t a great practice for every day of the year. Or even most days of the year. Being an adult (or a human) means doing things you don’t want to do. But if you take just ONE day in a year and simply don’t do the junk you don’t want to do (as long as you’re not directly harming someone in the process!) can be freeing. *

*With great power comes great responsibility… so deny requests wisely, and on an appropriate day. Perhaps not a work day. I’m not trying to get you fired, here.

Instead of getting bogged down with tedious tasks designed only to help someone else, simply say no, and go do something that benefits you.

The real trick here is to not go totally insane and be rude, OR to waste your newfound free time. Learn to politely decline an offer, and spend your time wisely somewhere else.

THAT’s self care, friend.

3. Open the Windows

This one is simple! As long as the weather is halfway decent and you don’t live in the mosquito-infested south, DO IT!

Pop those suckers open!

Fresh air and sunlight do more for us than we sometimes know or remember. Breathe it in, release your toxins and stress, and get re-energized!

4. Do Something Creative

self care idea

Break loose and make something fun! You don’t have to showcase it on Instagram or in an art gallery (unless you want to!), so don’t worry about perfection. Just create!

If you’re like me and have half a dozen half-finished projects lying around the house- pick one up and crush it!! Finally add those finishing touches that you were putting off!

Or just start a new, attainable project – don’t try to pen the next great American novel – just write a short story, paint a picture, play with play-doh, cross-stitch the profanity you’ve been holding back all week.

Whatever you want to make. Just do it! You probably have some supplies lying around your house already.

Not only does this flex your creative muscle, but it also gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment! You made something that didn’t exist before now – how cool is that!?

Plus, it’s just plain fun.

5. Take a Warm Bath

Easy peasy. Instead of rushing through a shower and making a mental to-do list, go take a nice warm bath! Turn on some relaxing music, or fun 80’s jams to sing along with, read a book, throw in a bath bomb, light a candle, you do you.

There’s only one rule: Relax and don’t think about responsibilities for at least 30 minutes.

You’ve got this! Go jump in the tub, smelly!

6. Watch the Sunrise AND Sunset

Watching the sunrise or watching the sunset are both very calming activities that typically provide the viewer a huge sense of peace, or smallness.

Watching both in one day just kicks it up a notch!

Seeing either or both of these natural light shows in one day can help you to feel more closely connected with the Earth. You feel like you’re really experiencing life – what people have been experiencing for thousands of years.

For people like me, who are typically “trapped” indoors at work and don’t get to witness these spectacular daily phenomena – seeing one or BOTH lunar shifts truly feels freeing.

Some people choose to use this time to meditate or pray (we’ll get to those soon) – just soak up the beauty, appreciate what you have in life, breathe and relax.

This is one of my favorite self care ideas! (It helps that it’s free and readily available nearly every day)

7. Pamper Yourself

We all deserve to be pampered every once in a while. Self care is really about letting this happen. Stop obsessing over all of the things that he needs, that she needs, the kids need, whomever.

For just a few minutes one day, pamper yourself.

Depending on your budget, you may choose to pamper yourself, or go out and let someone else do the pampering.

Depending on your lifestyle and preferences “pamper” will mean different things to you.

Go get a hair cut, beard trim, manicure, pedicure, massage. OR Go for a swim, lay in a hammock out in nature. Buy yourself a fancy chocolate bar.

I don’t care how you do it. Just do it. Pamper yourself in a way that fits your style, schedule and budget.

8. Go Pet the Animals at the Local Shelter

self care idea

Pets are incredible for humans. We think they need us (and they do! #adoptdontshop – please adopt pets and save them!) – but really, we need them.

Everyone knows pets bring joy to our lives, love us unconditionally, and can help to cheer us up during dark times and hard days.

Those pets down at your local shelter need that same love from us! If you can’t adopt one (or all of them.. but who can??), just spend some time down at your shelter loving on those sweet fur babies!

Cuddling a bunch of tail-wagging, tongue-kissing puppies is a PROVEN method to cheer up nearly anyone!

And have you SEEN those kittens!?

Even the abandoned gerbils, birds and hamsters need our love.

This is a great way for those of us without fur babies at home to love to get a taste of that – OR for those of us with some fur babies to get some extra pet lovin’ in!

It will help out the shelter and it will help out your mood. Plus, you can post adorable puppy insta pics and encourage your tribe to get down there and adopt!

Do it. Trust me.

9. Take a Walk

This one is simple. Taking a walk is one of the BEST self care ideas out there.

You get exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and a chance to escape the ever-growing number of emails piling up as we speak.

Often, if you’re upset or angry, taking a walk will help remove you from the situation and provide a bit of perspective – that way you can return from your stroll with a new attitude and attempt to solve your conflicts.

A jaunt around your neighborhood, local park, or city is a fantastic, free, and healthy way to practice self care. Get out there, already!

10. Read or Repeat Inspirational Mantras or Quotes

Getting past a mental block can be ridiculously challenging. We are often our own worst enemies.

Take a minute or two each day and read a couple of inspirational quotes that speak to you.

I don’t mean “live, laugh, love” – I don’ think that counts.

I’m talking about something more like: “You get what you work for, not what you wish for”

or, “. . . it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be!” – Dumbledore, J.K. Rowling.

Perhaps you’re a mantra person.

Find a short phrase you can repeat to yourself at certain times every day. In the morning. On your drive to work. In the shower. When life gets stressful.

“I’m stronger than my excuses.”

“Complexity is the enemy of execution.”

“I am enough.”

“I can do anything for 10 seconds 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10”

Whatever works for you. Make one up, look one up. Find it, adopt it, embody it. Get empowered!

11. Plan Your Next Vacation

self care idea

As an avid traveler, I’m particularly passionate about this self care idea.

Almost NOTHING cheers me up or motivates me like planning my next trip.

On its own, planning the trip, making the reservations, learning about a new destination, and daydreaming about the adventures I’ll have is already HUGE. This is so fun.

If you haven’t planned a trip in a while, DO IT. Trust me. It’s a rush.*

*Of course, plan a vacation that is within your means. I’m not here to bankrupt you.

Secondly, having that trip PENNED in (not penciled in, friend) on my calendar is like a huge North Star for me. It guides my way through the days, weeks, months to come. It’s my light at the end of the tunnel.

It gives me a reason (or more of a reason) to get out of bed and kick ass, day after day.

Then when the time to travel finally comes – you have a lovely vacation waiting for you where you get to relax, eat, drink, be adventurous, or do whatever you want! Win-win situation!

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a big traveler, just try it! This applies to road trips, trips in to your local city, whatever you want.

Try to just take one little baby step out of your comfort zone, I promise it’ll pay off.

12. Revitalize Your Budget

This is one of those practical self care ideas – one that truly helps you move forward in life, but isn’t always classified as “Fun.” Sorry about that.

But one way to truly help yourself out is to stop and re-evaluate your finances.

What are you spending money on every month? Does that need to change? Where can you save a bit?

Are you trying to become debt-free? What can you do to speed that up?

Do you have a future in investments? Have you done your research yet?

Try to spend a couple of hours tackling this project and come up with a game plan for the next several months or years. Your future self will thank you when you’re rollin’ in dough!

13. Play a Board Game

Board games are fun for people of all ages!

They bring back childhood memories, and instantly transport you to a time when Monopoly money was king, you wanted to avoid the chutes, and you were thrilled (for some reason) to skip college and go straight to having triplets and no job!

Game nights always provide loads of laughs, and often a fair bit of rivalry. Do yourself a favor and whip out your favorite game this week and play with someone you love – you’ll be surprised at how much fun you have!

Here are some of my favorites – both from my childhood and adulthood!

P.S. Bars all over the country are turning into “board game bars” – aka Allison’s favorite kind of bar – if you’re looking to make a game night more adult, loud, or hilarious- try heading to one of those. Drink and roll the dice responsibly!

14. Listen to Your Favorite Songs

self care idea

Yep, I said songs. Who can pick just ONE favorite song??

Nevertheless, pick some sweet jams, crank them up, and sing along! Stream commercial-free with Prime Music!

Music has the incredible power to change our mood – why not harness this power and use it for good??

**I always love song suggestions – if you have one, please leave it in the comments below – I promise to listen to it and send you one in return!! <3

15. Detox For 1 Day (How? You Decide)

Do you eat too much junk food?

Watch too much Netflix (Hulu, Amazon Prime, TV)??

Listen to complainers vent their frustrations, day after day after day??


Take one day and cut something out of your life – preferably something that is doing you no good.

You’ll feel better throughout the whole day, and for several more to come. You may even start (or stop) a habit if it goes well.

And if it doesn’t, if you miss your french fries, or secretly love the gossip – well okay. No harm done, go back to your guilty pleasures tomorrow.

16. Look Through Old Photo Albums

Another free self care idea!! Look through your old photo albums – those in your house, maybe in a family member’s house, or even on the internet if you must.

But go back and look. Take a journey through your past and remember the good times!

Remember those you haven’t seen in many years, or the places you haven’t been in so long.

Rough past? That’s okay – remember it – it’s part of you. Then be thankful for where you are, or where you’re going and move forward.

17. Buy Yourself Some Flowers, Just Because

self care idea

If you budget allows, buy yourself some flowers. They don’t have to be a dozen red roses from the florist – just buy something at the grocery store or Home Depot.

Can’t do that? Pick some outside!

Fresh flowers have this weird power to make you feel special and loved.

They bring a pop of color, and a fragrant reminder of life into your home.

Flowers give you something to care for, to nurture.

To many of us – being needed, even by “just a plant” is incredibly powerful.

Buy yourself some flowers.

18. Spend The Day Alone (or part of it)

You need alone time. You need silence. You need to recharge.

If your life will allow it, spend one full day all by yourself.

If you can’t make that happen, start with a couple of hours, or even 30 minutes. (The time when you poop or shower doesn’t count. I mean quality time.)

Get away from the stressors of the world and listen to your own thoughts, dreams, goals.

19. Wear Your Most Comfy PJ’s or Other Outfit

Sometimes you simply need to throw on some sweats and chill.

There’s something about making your body comfortable that will also chill out your brain. Just try it.

It’s also perfect for laundry day – double win!

20. Perform a Random Act of Kindness

This self care idea revolves not around you, but around helping someone else.

It feels amazing to do something kind for someone else. It’s even better when they’re not expecting it!

A random act of kindness is at least as gratifying for the giver as it is the receiver. So be a giver!

Go hug someone. Leave an anonymous note telling somebody how awesome, brilliant, kind, or beautiful they are! Buy someone’s coffee in line behind you. Move a helpless worm from the toasty sidewalk back into the cool dirt.

It will feel GREAT.

Those people that say no one does anything selflessly may just be right. But so what? If you help someone else, why not feel great about yourself?

Go out there and be kind!

21. Work On Your Garden (or Potted Plants!)

Like I mentioned in #17 , caring for another living thing is one of the greatest joys we have in life.

Gardens or individual flowers and plants not only give us this sense of need, they also provide a huge sense of accomplishment- all while beautifying our living space!

In addition to all of those warm fuzzies, you get outside and into nature, fresh air, sunlight, and get a little dirt under your nails – all things good for you!

This is another one of those self care ideas that is not only super productive and fun, but is something to show off to your friends and neighbors. Triple-whammy-win!

22. Stargaze

self care idea

I. Love. Stargazing.

I don’t know what all of the different constellations are or where Jupiter is on any given night.

But none of that matters.

I love sitting out under the stars and feeling tiny. Imagining that I am but a minute speck of dust floating in the great cosmos. Feeling like time stretches on forever. Like anything is possible.

Stargazing makes us feel more connected to the world (literally), and often takes us back to our childhood days of aspiring to be an astronaut!

Stargazing incites a sense of wonder, curiosity, and excitement!

What’s out there?? How many stars are there? How did they figure that out?? Will I ever go to space??

Next time there’s a clear sky – take your favorite blanket outside and have a nice long stare up into space. Thank me later.

23. Call and Catch Up With a Good Friend

These days everyone is so busy. Like SO SO busy. How are we so busy? I don’t even know. But it’s a fact. We are all doing way too much.

As a result, we often fall out of touch with friends we hold dear – we don’t know what’s happening in their lives, and that’s an absolute shame.

When we fall out of touch with friends we feel guilty, sad, lonely, and a whole host of other less-than-pleasant emotions.

So save yourself (and your friend!) the heartache and call them! Just pick up the phone and call.

If you’re both incredibly busy, make an “appointment” and set aside a time- then call!

Your friend will feel SO loved, you’ll catch up, and you’ll feel wonderful.

24. Light a Candle or Incense

Smells are powerful! They have the power to ruin a day, or greatly enhance one!

Find a candle, melt, incense or other fragrant object you can light, burn, etc – and make it happen. Simple as that.

If you don’t work or live in a particularly fragrant setting, doing this can really be a game changer! I typically am much more pleasant and focused when we have a candle burning at home!

Some people take it to the next level and have DIFFERENT scents for different parts of their days or lives.

One smell for working, one for relaxing, one for romance, one for dinner, etc.

Why? Well, humans are creatures of habit, as you know, and we are fairly easily conditioned. These level-uppers are simply performing a pro-level self-condition.

Light a vanilla candle – get to work.

Light a vanilla candle – get to work.

Light a vanilla candle – … well, what do you think their brain is going to tell them next time they smell vanilla?

Ding ding ding – it’s work time! They conditioned themselves to know that a certain scent = a certain activity is to be done.

Whether or not you want to go that far is up to you- but lighting a simple candle can do wonders for your mood!

25. Stretch

Humans need to stretch. Humans that sit behind desks all day REALLY need to stretch.

It helps with blood flow, tension, muscle relaxation, mental focus – and it’s just plain good for you.

Do it.

Maybe in the morning or at night around bed time or waking up time – maybe in the middle of your day to break up the monotony, get the blood flowing and get your mind right.

Whenever you feel tired, stiff, or generally “meh” is a good time to stretch.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Touch your toes. Stretch your arms as far as they can go. Do some twists. Move around, loosen up your muscles, and go slowly. You’ve got this.

26. Relax with a Mug of Your Favorite Hot Beverage

Are you a tea drinker? Coffee fanatic? Coco fiend?

Awesome. Go make a mug of that and find a quiet, calm space.

Did you find it yet?

Great! Okay, ready for the next step?

Go to that quiet, calm space. Sip on your warm beverage. Stare into space.


27. Get Out and Do Something

Sometimes work, fear, anxiety, a busy schedule, or any other number of factors keeps people inside.

We’re afraid to go out.

We don’t know what to do, or who to do it with.

Decision paralysis is gripping, and rather than grapple with making a choice, we simply opt to do the same thing we do every day.

I get that.

But make an effort on your self care day to leave the house at least once, and do something that’s not just a chore.

Go see a movie. Head to the mall. Hit up a museum. Meet a friend for lunch. Get coffee and read your book out in a different atmosphere. Take a stroll around the park. Get your nails done. Find your next novel at the library.

(are you seeing a pattern? LOTS of the other self care ideas are included in ‘leave your house’ – get a 2 for 1 deal here!)

Just get out.

The world isn’t as scary as you think. It’ll be fun. Trust me.

28. Have a Dance Party

My favorite time to do this is (weirdly, I know) when I’m cleaning my house.

I find cleaning things like bathrooms to be a mundane task, so I jazz it up (literally, sometimes) with music!! My favorite jams for this activity are usually Funk, R&B, and Pop music from the 70’s and 80’s.


Call me crazy, but my methods get results!

You, however, do not have to do housework in order to justify a dance party.

Throw on some great music that you love, or music of a fun time in your life (I’ll always dig some Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and NSYNC music from the 90’s, since that what I grew up with ) and DANCE YOUR ASS OFF.

That whole “dance like nobody’s watching” thing? Yeah. It finally applies to real life. Score!

29. Organize Something In Your Home

This is yet another self care idea that is both productive and free (or at least very cheap) – hooray!

Find a troublesome spot in your home. Maybe it’s the closet with the most clutter, your ‘dump zone’ of a kitchen counter, a pesky desk drawer, or something else.

You know the place.

You’ve been avoiding it for a while now.

Seeing it stresses you out. Thinking about cleaning it brings you dread.

Today, put the dread to bed and clean that sh*t up! The clutter is either hiding the things you actually need inside, OR is filling up a space that could be used in a different, better fashion.

Either way. Clean it out. De-Clutter. Re-organize. Evaluate what is necessary, what to give away, what to sell, and what to trash.

Then each and every day after you clean will contain just a little less stress! VICTORY SCREECH!!!

30. Build a Blanket Fort

If you have the time, space, and supplies (and/or a kid!), spend an hour building a fort! This process is often a bit more challenging than you expect.

You’ve got to figure out how to use your limited materials to attach things to other things that are NOT meant for the job you’re doing.

Building a fort requires creativity, and often a change in perspective. There’s a reason (short) kids do it, and do it well.

Once you’ve completed your architectural masterpiece, take a book, a pillow, a coloring book, a movie, puzzle, board game, or whatever you want inside!

Any activity is more fun if you do it in a fort!!

31. Make a REAL Plan to Look Forward To

This is quite similar to #11 – plan a vacation. Except this one is WAY more simple, and usually cheaper.

Make a plan, any plan. Just make a real, concrete plan for something that is ACTUALLY going to happen.

Go shopping. Meet someone for lunch. Throw a party. Attend a concert or ball game.

Who cares. Just make a plan for something FUN you can look forward to.

Then set your sights on that for a while and drown out your daily stress with the excitement this fun plan brings you!

32. Unplug

self care idea

I mentioned unplugging in the post about the habits of highly successful people, and for good reason.

You know those highly successful, brilliant people who are happy, wealthy, and not constantly stressed out?

Yeah. They often unplug. Maybe for just 15-30 minutes, maybe an hour or two a day, or maybe for their whole weekends.

But they always unplug.

They reconvene with nature. They spend time with their families. They don’t get constant notifications telling them about how beautiful some girl on Instagram is, or how many emails they need to respond to, or that someone said something hurtful on Twitter.

They don’t need the constant connection to the world – because they’re connected to THEIR WORLD.

You should try it sometime.

We’re all addicted to our devices, so instead of going cold turkey, consider weaning yourself off technology. Just go 15 minutes, then 30. Next, see if you can go an entire hour without your phone or other screen.

A day is a long time. Can you do it?? Challenge yourself.

33. Mix an Incredible, Fancy Drink

If you are of age and so inclined – cocktails are a fun and delicious way to feel SUPER fancy!

Get all James Bond and shake a martini for yourself.

Learn a crazy recipe, gather the ingredients, mix it and serve in a ridiculously pretty glass.

You don’t have to have a whole party to have a fancy drink.

Treat yo self!

34. Clear Out Your Inbox

Self care often means doing something now to make your life better later, even if it’s not fun.

Having a cluttered inbox staring you in the face all day every day takes its toll on your mind!

That stupid little number of unread emails sits there, taunting you. Day after day. “Look at me!” “Take care of me!!” “Should you really start that project, while I’m still sitting right here?!” ugh. I hate cluttered inboxes.

So take a few minutes (or hours, if you’re a bad case) and clean it out.

Respond to what needs doing.

Trash what you’ll never need.

OPEN, SCAN and FILE AWAY what you’ll need someday.

Unsubscribe to junk you’ll never want, but will keep getting until you manually stop the madness.

Leave 0 unread emails in your inbox.

Bing bang boom! Stress levels are going down already!

35. Color!

self care idea

Can you tell that I strongly believe in self care ideas that focus on “Kid stuff”??

Good! Because I do. But I don’t think of these practices as kid stuff. I think of it as fun stuff that kids have the free time to do.

So make the time, and do the fun kid stuff.

Adult Coloring has gotten super popular in the last few years, and that’s because everyone realized the kids are on to something here!

This is relaxing! It’s fun! I get to be pretty creative, but not so creative that I have to make a whole picture from scratch. I just get to decorate this one however I want.

What’s not to love?!

These days they make coloring books about any topic you want. Travel, Harry Potter, Teaching, Profanity, Horses, Disney, Game of Thrones. Everything.

What are you waiting for? Go “borrow” your kid’s supplies and get to work! I bet you’ll lose track of time and have a pleasant experience!

36. Sleep In – NO Alarms Allowed

If your schedule and lifestyle allow it, take at least one day this week and sleep in.

Don’t even set an alarm.

Let your body decide when it’s had enough rest.

Simple as that.

Instead of continuing about your constantly sleep-deprived routine, try to catch up. This is good for you physically and mentally.

Plus, chances are you’ll dream about some truly gorgeous human being if you sleep long enough!

37. Cuddle

Cuddling gives off all of those happy endorphins that let your brain know how happy you are.

It’s also just a very enjoyable experience!

Cuddle your partner, your child, your parent, your pet, your pillow! Whomever or whatever you’ve got that is a willing cuddle partner – do it!

There are proven physical benefits, and cuddling just makes us feel loved.

There’s no downside to this. None.

38. Breathing Exercises

Yes, humans breathe all the time. We’re kind of wired that way.

But how often do you actually focus on your breathing?

Rarely, right?

Well try it now. Just for kicks, since you’re already doing it anyway 😉

Can you feel the air filling up your lungs from the bottom up?

Do you take the same amount of time to breathe in and out?

Now that you’re more aware of what’s going on in there – consider trying some breathing exercises today, this week, or maybe every day!

There are some like “in for 6, out for 6” or “in for 5, hold for 5, out for 5”. Some are designed to increase lung capacity. Most are made to help you focus on your body and become more aware. If you have one of those goals, aim for that type of exercise.

Whichever one you choose should be fine. Just do it!

Air is super duper free (for now, yes), and you can do this anywhere, anytime. Yippee!

39. Dress Up, Way Up

“Dress the way you want to feel” is an excellent motto!

If you’re feeling less than spectacular, dress spectacularly! Even if you’re not doing anything fancy, nothing says you can’t dress up and look great!

Going through the acts of dressing way up will make you feel accomplished. Look at how hot you look! YOU did that! You’re capable of that every day!

Getting compliments of those around you will make you feel attractive!

What’s not to love about this self care idea??

40. Finish a Forgotten Project

Do you have multiple unfinished projects in your home?

Take a moment and list them out. Perhaps categorize them by type, by what supplies you need to finish them, how expensive they will be, or how long it will take you to finish them.

Then choose one and KNOCK IT OUT.

This will give you a lovely sense of accomplishment – maybe a huge one, depending on what you did.

Likely, this project will improve your life in some way. Make your garden more beautiful to look at, make your car more safe, your kitchen more organized, etc. Great!

You may even have fun. . . shh, don’t tell!

41. Have a Movie Marathon

Everyone needs a movie marathon every once in a while.

It gives you time to sit back get lost in other worlds, to spend time with someone you love. To eat junk food and forget your worries, if only for a little while.

With massive resources like Netflix and, um.. the internet, at our fingertips, there’s no excuse not to see a movie you want to see.

Get online, make it happen, and cuddle up with your best bud to watch!

42. Play “What do you want to be when you grow up?” – Anything is Possible!

self care idea

Another “Kid Stuff” self care idea for you:

Talk to someone, anyone. Your spouse, child, friend, coworker, whoever you want. . . and ask them “What do you want to be when you grow up??”

Whether you’re already grown or not doesn’t matter today!

This is about BIG DREAMS. What would you do if ANYTHING was possible?

Be an astronaut? A pro athlete? Teach Transfiguration at Hogwarts?

It’s fun to hear what your friends say, and fun to dream up the ‘what ifs’ – and who knows – you may even find your next, true career path!

43. Get a Massage

Depending on your budget, schedule, and style, either go get a professional massage, or swap massages with your partner, spouse, BFF, whomever.

Massages feel luxurious, even if they aren’t super expensive.

They literally relax your muscles and release physical tension in your body, which has a tendency to follow through with your mind.

I don’t have a lot to say on this one, because you already know.

Treat yourself. Go get a massage.

44. Eat ONLY Fresh Foods for 1 Day

Here’s an “Adult Stuff” self care idea for you – stop eating crap!

Spend one entire day exclusively eating fresh foods.

Don’t do the thing where you have a salad for lunch, or an apple or banana for breakfast and claim that you had a day of healthy choices.

Eat fresh foods ONLY for one full day.

If it goes alright, maybe try to stretch it to 2.. 3… dare I say it… 4!?

Your body will thank you.

45. Do Yoga

self care idea

Yoga can provide physical, mental, and spiritual awareness and healing.

I have never personally achieved any of this through yoga, as I always fall down in the middle, but I hear nothing but good things from my more balance-oriented friends!

Find your favorite yoga studio or instructional videos and get stretching!

This deceptively challenging activity is one of the most popular self care ideas out there! People swear by it.

46. Learn a New Craft or Hobby

If you’re not one of those people with unfinished projects sitting around, or the ghosts of obsessions hobbies past lurking in closets, maybe it’s time to FIND a new hobby or craft for you to do!

This could be a crafty thing, like stamping, scrapbooking, knitting, etc. Or, it could be something totally different. Fly fishing, golfing, running, cooking.

Anything that you find to be a fun activity that is legal and NOT work related counts in my book.

So go find something that sounds SUPER interesting to you, dive in, learn about it, get obsessed and start doing the thing!

47. Join a Club – for fun!

I’m not talking the PTA here. I mean a FUN club based on something you’re actually interested in.

A Racquetball Club. Book Club. Wine Club. Golf Club. Running Club. Travel Club.

There are so many out there. Go share your interests with likeminded individuals! Make friends! Nerd out with people who innately understand exactly how you feel about a topic few others really “get.”

Go and be your truest self in your new, fun club.

48. Cook a Delicious Meal From Scratch

This particular self care tip is especially prudent of non-cookers. If you’re the type of person that cooks a big meal every day, this probably doesn’t apply to you. Sorry, you only get 60 ideas today!

Those of you who eat out a lot, cook frozen meals, or reap the benefits of a kitchen-savvy partner – I’m talking to you!

Find a kick-ass recipe for a meal. A big one! Then go get all of the fresh ingredients you’ll need and get to work!

This is another time when you’ll get a great sense of accomplishment from doing the thing – and not only will you get to see it – you’ll get to EAT the final product. How cool is that?

Cooking a whole meal from scratch this way is so rewarding, and actually rather addicting. Once you nail the first meal, I guarantee you’ll be scouring the internet for another recipe to make!

49. Plan Out Your Week

Planning out your week is a vital part of self care.

If you just let life happen to you and ALWAYS take things as they come, it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever achieve your goals or use your time wisely.

Take time each week to plan out the week ahead. This plan can be as specific as you want, but it needn’t be.

I like to just write down my goals or “to do list” for each day, as well as any appointments or obligations I’ve got scheduled.

Planning out your whole week gives you a sense of the bigger picture, and gives you the opportunity to double-check your calendar so you never miss another appointment or meeting again!

50. Watch or Listen to a Ted Talk (or podcast)

Ted Talks or Ted Conferences are short talks (18 minutes or less) that share some kind of powerful idea! They can be about a new scientific development, business ideas, personal development (with some sort of authoritative research behind it), global issues, and more.

Often, Ted Talks are super inspirational! Only fantastic speakers and brilliant people are asked to do them, so you know you’re going to get great information from them.

Whether you just want to understand a new topic for the sake of learning, feel like you’re not alone in your situation, or learn how to specifically take action toward one of your goals -there’s a Ted Talk for you!

Conveniently, they also have a podcast and radio hour so you can listen anywhere, anytime – even on a plane!

51. Do Cardio

Cardio gets our blood pumping. It gets the adrenaline rushing. Cardio contributes positively to our health and weight loss. It wakes us up, physically and mentally.

There are basically no downsides. This one is a no-brainer.

If you’ve been feeling lethargic, tired, out of shape, sleepy, or just plain bored – doing some form of cardio is a GREAT way to help with that.

(What kind?? You decide 😉 )

52. Take a Nap (or a fake nap)

Sleep is incredibly restorative. We NEED it.

These days, for some unknown reason, everyone brags about how little sleep they got. “I worked all night only slept 4 hours last night [I’m so much better than you. Wow, you’re so lazy, you actually slept 8 hours]. Crazy right? I was just so busy!”

Ugh! This is BAD for you. Adults should be aiming for 6-8 hours of sleep each night.

Unfortunately, many of us are behind, so our bodies and minds are just depleted.

Luckily, naps are a super easy way to help us “catch up” on sleep, rest, recharge, and come back ready for action!

Not everyone has time to schedule a daily nap – but the occasional 30-45 minute nap will not ruin your life – in fact, I bet it will enhance it!

If you truly cannot sleep because you must watch your kids or have some other obligation, take a “fake nap” and just lay there and SPACE OUT. Don’t even let your mind wander. Tell it to shut up and do literally nothing.

It’s great fun, and always makes you feel refreshed in the end.

53. Write in a Journal

Despite the internet being our “anonymous” sounding board at all hours of every day- few people actually let out their true feelings.

Sure, we’ll post how amazing our day is going, how great our hair looks, and what a success we are at work.. But do we post online about our insecurities? Fears? Goals? Dreams?


Journaling can help with this recurring bottling of emotions. The simple act of writing down your feelings each day (or just when you have time) can be surprisingly calming. Letting your trusty journal know that you’re nervous about your big date, meeting, surgery, proposal, or normal daily routine is a SAFE, non-judgemental way to get those feelings out of your body and keep you from going totally crazy. We aren’t meant to keep so many feeling to ourselves!

If you’re not a “here is what I’m excited/scared/nervous about kind of person, you can use a journal to map out your goals in life.

What is your BIG HUGE goal? What do you need to do to achieve it? What are the steps you can take, and when do you want to get it done?

Map out your plan!

Journaling can even really just be doodling. Draw a picture every day for a year! I bet your art skills will improve, and you may even learn something about yourself.

Just do something to get your emotions and thoughts out of your head and into the real world. (Even if no one ever sees them!)

54. List 8 Things You’re Grateful For

This is a BIGGIE.

Society today wants us to be unhappy (no matter what they tell you). They want us to be jealous, scared, and overwhelmed – just so they can sell us stuff. (clothes, insurance, products, etc).

Then we remember the internet, which makes comparison not only more frequent, but downright common place. Having the internet not just available to us, but literally carried around with us all day every day is NOT HEALTHY.

Most of us see other people’s “perfect lives” (which are fake, by the way. No one tells you the hard parts – see #53), and start to feel less and less successful, less grateful for what we have.

But when you take a step back and just look at YOUR situation. In a vacuum, away from the “Instagram perfect” bodies and the “Pinterest perfect” homes – you realize you have a lot.

You have family and friends who care for you and have your back.

You have a roof over your head.

You have internet access – and therefore access to infinite information and education.

Do you have pets? Hobbies? Possessions that others don’t? A hot meal each day? A healthy, functioning body? Access to education? A safe home? A loving spouse or significant other? Beautiful children? A job that pays you well? A job you love?

The list goes on and on.

Take 10 minutes to sit down and truly consider your life, your circumstance, and all the things you have that you probably take for granted.

Write out at least 8 things you’re grateful for.

Add more if there are more! I KNOW there are! Dig deep.

This process will bring you a new sense of appreciation for what you have, and hopefully silence some of your needless complaints for a few hours or days.

If this works extremely well for you and helps change your outlook on your daily life – consider doing this monthly, weekly, or even daily. Choose a different area of your life to focus on (home, love, work, possessions, health, etc) and go get grateful!

55. Deep Clean 1 Room in Your House

Clutter, messiness and dirtiness in homes can not only LOOK gross or untidy, but it can make us feel icky! Personally, I know I am FAR more relaxed, at ease, and able to focus on my work, projects, or relaxation time if my house is clean.

So don’t go totally crazy (unless you want!) and deep clean your whole house at once.

Just choose one room of your house and REALLY make it shine.

Clear the clutter. Make sure everything has a home. CLEAN. Like physically scrub everything down. With a cleaning product!

Then each time you enter that room, you’ll be happily surprised at your surroundings, not to mention being proud of a job well done.

The next level of this is to repeat with each room of your house until you are completely clutter-free, everything is smelling and looking clean, and your mind is at ease!

Trust me on this. An organized and clean home or workspace is a HUGE factor in having an organized, happy mind.

56. Meditate

self care idea

Meditation is an incredible way to become or remain peaceful, calm, and self-aware!

There are many many ideologies pertaining to meditation and the “right way to meditate” – but it really all comes down to personal preference.

If you want to sit in a specific place or position, do something special with your hands, or meditate for a certain period of time- that’s awesome!! Go for it!

If you are more like me and just want to clear your mind for a few minutes a day- that works too.

There’s basically no wrong way to do this, as long as you’re free from distractions and doing your best to clear your mind. It’s all about personal preference here.

57. Take a (mini) Road Trip

Sometimes you’ve just gotta Go. Somewhere, anywhere.

Perhaps this means a cross-country road trip, or a cross-state road trip. Maybe this just means going into town, or the next town over.

Who cares?? Make sure someone knows where you are and that you’re safe, and just go.

See something new, eat a unique food, get lost. Have a wonderful time in new surroundings.

58. Pray

If you’re the praying type – this is possibly THE HIGHEST FORM of self care.

Pray to whatever god or gods you believe in, or maybe are skeptical about.

Give thanks for what is good in your life, for the lessons you’ve learned, and obstacles you’ve overcome.

Ask for guidance in areas you’re struggling with.

Connect. Feel peace.

59. Call a Family Member

Call and catch up. You never know how long you have with those you love.

Make sure you know what’s happening in their lives – the good, the bad, and the ugly. And let them know what’s happening in yours.

Family is everything, but you must nurture your relationships. Don’t let them fall by the wayside just because you’re busy. Make time for the people who matter.

60. Rearrange Your Furniture

Moving around your furniture can help freshen up your home and your routine! It makes for a nice change of pace, and gives you something constructive and creative to do!

It’s also pretty fun! Maybe when you rearrange you also get a new piece, get rid of something you don’t need or reorganize the items in the room.

All good things, so jump on it!

Here’s one extra Self Care Idea just for you!

61. Take a Look in the Mirror and Make a List of What Makes You HOT!

This one is easy. Tell yourself how hot you are, and why! List your favorite attributes. Use descriptive adjectives.

Only you decide how attractive you are. And baby, you’re on fireee!

Now it’s all up to you! I’ve led you to the hot herbal tea, now you’ve got to drink it.

Go forth, relax, and find your peace! I know you can do it, even if you have to put on blinders to avoid your children’s pleas for attention.

remember: Make Good Life Choices!


Save it for later!!

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self care idea
self care idea

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