30 Day Cleaning Challenge: Have a Pristine House in 1 Month!

Doesn’t cleaning SUCK? I’m just gonna be honest. I think it kind of sucks. It sucks to be in a messy house with lots of clutter, unclean surfaces, disarray, piles of laundry, and dust everywhere!

BUT. I love the feeling a clean house brings me!

I love feeling un-cluttered, unbothered, and straight-up happy-inside my clean home! It’s just one of the many benefits of being organized!

But, I realize that cleaning is a daunting task. Especially when you let it get out of control.. it seems to be an insurmountable hurdle

Truly, I feel your pain. I’ve been there. (Repeatedly) We all have.

But with this 30 Day Cleaning Challenge, you won’t have to keep bearing the weight of this mess much longer.

By going through this 30 Day Cleaning Challenge, you’ll tackle just one small step per day, and end up with a pristine, beautiful, clean house to be proud of.

This Challenge will help you start small, but get BIG RESULTS!

30 day cleaning challenge: take small steps to get big results

Each day, you will be assigned just one important task.

Don’t go crazy and try to do them all. You’ll burn out, quit, and continue to live in that messy house of yours – which is what you don’t want!

This 30 Day Challenge is just what you need! If you follow it exactly, I promise you’re going to feel (and your house is going to look) a hell of a lot better.. realllllll soon!

Deep Clean Your House with these simple daily steps, and end up with the beautiful, Pinterest-worthy home of your dreams!

30 Day Cleaning Challenge

Bedrooms & Closets

30 day cleaning challenge: clean your bedroom and closets
  • Day 1: Get rid of all trash & Declutter: (trash, recycle, sell, donate, keep?)
  • Day 2: Clean all surfaces: windows, mirrors, dressers, tables, chairs, blinds
  • Day 3: Organize Closet: Get rid of old clothes, shoes & junk; reorganize what’s left
  • Day 4: Organize Drawers & Cabinets: get rid of old & unused stuff, reorganize what’s left
  • Day 5: Clean linens (sheets, pillowcases, sham, comforter, curtains, towels) & Deep clean mattress
  • Day 6: Clean the floor (under furniture, too!)

Hooray! Now you can sleep peacefully at night in a happy, clean room.

Instead of dreaming of little dustbunnies, you can dream of that hunk you saw in Aquaman.. I mean your spin class.. I mean.. your husband.



30 day cleaning challenge: clean your bathroom
  • Day 7: Clean Out Cabinets & Medicine Cabinet (de-clutter & clean surfaces)
  • Day 8: Re-organize Remaining Items & Clean the Sink, counter & mirror & toilet
  • Day 9: Clean tub, shower curtain, floors, & towels

Bathrooms aren’t the “face” of your house, but they are a damn important room in there! You have now knocked out a MAJOR, IMPORTANT cleaning task!! Hooray!!!

Get ready, cause the next area’s a doozy.


30 day cleaning challenge: clean your kitchen with simple tasks
  • Day 10: Throw Away ALL expired food, and clean the inside of the fridge
  • Day 11: Clean the Oven, Stove & Microwave
  • Day 12: Wipe Out Pantry, Cabinets & Sink
  • Day 13: Organize Food, Pots & Pans
  • Day 14: Toss Mismatched tupperware & cups; Organize Dishes

Kitchens are tough. They are super important. We’re always in them. Everyone can see your kitchen if they come in your house.. but also the actual function of a kitchen (ya know.. cooking, doing dishes, baking, mixing, slicing, dicing, etc) all requires making a mess!

That means kitchens require constant upkeep. Ugh, right?

But now that you’ve deep cleaned the kitchen, you’re already about 15 steps ahead! You no longer have kitchen clutter, or deep-seated issues. All you’ll have to do is daily maintenance, and you’ll be good to go!

Common Spaces & Surfaces: Floors, Living Room, Dining Room, etc.

30 day cleaning challenge: clean common spaces and surfaces
  • Day 15: De-clutter: get rid of trash, unused items, etc.
  • Day 16: Wipe down all windows, window shades, & curtains
  • Day 17: Vacuum & Deep Clean all couches & chairs
  • Day 18: Clean all doors, cabinets, drawers, & chairs
  • Day 19: Wipe down all surfaces: Dust & Clean(electronics, counters, tables, etc.)
  • Day 20: Sweep & Mop or Vacuum (under furniture, too!)

This is where cleaning your house starts to get a little daunting. But instead of getting overwhelmed, just follow the 30 Day Cleaning Challenge exactly. Do the ONE task per day I’ve just listed.

In no time, you’ll have a totally clean living room, dining room, and other common spaces in your home!



30 day cleaning  challenge: clean your office with simple tasks
  • Day 21: Declutter – clear trash, shred paperwork, toss unused books & tools (keep, trash, recycle, donate, sell?)
  • Day 22: Clean surfaces: desk, printer, tables, chairs, windows, bookshelves & Re-Organize

Oh thank god. Now you get to work in a clean place, distraction free. Your kids can do homework in a distraction free place as well! (that will probably help their grades, too.. am I right?)

Now that you’re working in a clean office space, don’t forget to check out these Productivity Apps that will help you get even more done in your newly beautified office!

Garage / Shed / Outdoor Areas

30 day cleaning  challenge: clean your garage, shed, and patio
  • Day 23: De-clutter: Clear trash, broken & unwanted items (keep, trash, recycle, donate, sell?)
  • Day 24: Organize Tools & Outdoor Equipment
  • Day 25: Organize Sporting Equipment & Clean Floors or Sidewalks
  • Day 26: Clean (spray & wipe down) patio furniture

Woohoo!! Now the outside is clean too!

Now, even a maintenance guy or the mailman who will “Only see your garage” will have a good impression of you and your cleaning habits! SCORE!

(plus, ya know.. you’ll be able to find the tools and sporting equipment you need when you need them. That part’s important too 🙂 )

Finish Strong: Miscellaneous Areas

finish the 30 day cleaning challenge with these miscellaneous areas

These last couple of days of the 30 day Cleaning Challenge are largely for the mental clarity and relaxation that you deserve after all your hard work.

There’s nothing worse than having an absolutely pristine, perfectly clean house – decluttered, free of visual distractions, unwanted items, and looking spotless…

Only for you to open the cabinet where you keep the cleaning supplies to be squashed by the avalanche of products.

Or to open the washer or dryer to throw in a load.. to have a disgusting machine staring back t you.

Your house is almost perfect- finish strong, so that each subsequent cleaning day (clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen, whatever) brings you joy, not more stress.

  • Day 27: Clean Washer & Dryer & laundry room
  • Day 28: Clean Broom, Mop & Vacuum & Find Permanent Homes
  • Day 29: Organize and put away cleaning supplies
  • Day 30: Create a Donation Box & Give it a Permanent Home

Okay, that’s all I have to say about that- it’s time for you to get to work!!!

30 day cleaning challenge forrest gump

Want to Print a 30 Day Cleaning Challenge Checklist??

Look no further, friend.

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That’s all you need – now go get ’em, slugger!

and remember, make good life choices!


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